09 September 2008

Caught in the act! Propagandists for Obama

As usual, the brilliant Michelle Malkin is all over this topic.

If you had any doubts that the Mainstream Media are propagandists for Barack Hussein Obama; worry no more.

It's a fact!


Check out pages 4 and 5 inside the magazine. It is a blatant smear. Michelle Obama's "fashion style" is highlighted, ad nauseum.

Palin? She's an evil, right-wing harpy who murders peaceful Caribou!

From Malkin's site:
Well, the six-page partisan hit job is every bit as smear-y and dishonest as the cover. Us weasel editor Bradley Jacobs claimed that Us deserved praise for being “one of the few magazines that actually did call to task those liberal bloggers for the news stories [the rumors about baby Trig being sister Bristol's baby] over the weekend.”

But the article makes zero mention of any of those liberal slime bloggers. Instead, here is how the magazine played up those rumors. Look at the big, red “Where’s the Bump?” headline. The caption reads: “In an earlier pregnancy (left), Palin had a visible bump. In a 2008 photo (right), used online to call Palin’s pregnangy into question, she is six months pregnant with her fifth baby.”

We all know that the Democrats, and their enthralled MSM 'journalists' have no standards....by definition.

When any conservative gets in trouble, what do we do? We hang them out for display and they resign. Jack Abramoff and Larry Craig resigned once allegations about them came to light.

What do the Democrats do? Fight, fight, fight! Look at Marion Barry; look at William Jeffers; or even Clinton. He was impeached and still had the chuzpah to wag his finger in our collective faces and pretend that he did nothing wrong....and most of the media went along with it.

Did conservatives ever go after Chelsea Clinton? Or Obama's children - NO! Families are typically off limits during campaigns (except for Michelle since she's actively stumping for Barack.)

And what do we get for trouble? No consideration. Within one day of Palin's announcement, journalists and Obama-thugs were on the ground in Alaska trying to dig up dirt on Palin and her family.

The fact that Team NObama is going to such great lengths to discredit Palin shows that they're scared, for the first time they're scared.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

If you subscribe to US Weekly, please consider cancelling your subscription. They're nothing more than puppets, doing the Devil's work at undermining our country.


rosco said...

So what do you want? A hillbilly who shoots machineguns and breeds babies or a black woman who's college term paper is all about hate against white folks?

Anonymous said...

Lipstick on a pig!