29 September 2008

Barack Obama's stupidity on display

Here's a nice short snippet of video shots of "The Anointed One" that shows that when he's not on a teleprompter, he's a gaffe-waffling-flip-flopping Machine!

This guy is hiding so much from us, it's frightening that he's gotten so close to the White House. It shows you just how complacent and corpulent the American Left has gotten when someone like this can get nominated.


Anonymous said...

hi left this job 8 yrs ago. just a note to say my nephew is a us attny .rezko talking like a magpie, ed burke daley blago and mrs blago should start lighting candles. hes talking bout stuff the feds never even knes about ; gonna be a great next two years

Anonymous said...

Come on Rue-y!!

YOUR Commander-in-Chief has stuttered and stumbled his way through enough mispronouncing and malapropisms to fill a library.


P/S Welcome back!!

Coldtype said...
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Coldtype said...

Jesus Rue. After all this time you STILL can't distinguish the Left from the Right. If Obama is representative of the American Left, then I'm a Nazi.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a fraud and when he is president, the Left will get what they want......France

Coldtype said...

"Obama is a fraud and when he is president, the Left will get what they want......France"

Single-payer healthcare, 4 weeks paid vacation, fully subsidized education up to and including University!! When do we begin!?

Anonymous said...

Let just do away with the two party system. Have all the candidates run at at once with the two top winners getting the President and Vice President jobs. No more primaries. It always seems that only two parties get a shot at the office. Have a ballot with all the people who want the job and vote.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

How much? What time? What date? Gots to see the matches!

Anonymous said...

To 9:49:

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