28 August 2008

On the lighter side

I happen to stumble across this video of Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond. It's one of the smoothest jazz pieces I've ever heard. Desmond's sax is absolutely haunting.

Turn up the speakers and Enjoy!


rosco said...

The original pot smokers music. Jazz.

Coldtype said...

Rue my friend, you have my deepest and most sincere condolences.

Rue St. Michel said...

Obama and his thugs trashed Geraldine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton and now Palin: All because they're women.

Misogyny, shaken or stirred?

In my book she's a great choice. She's smart, savvy, articulate and is a solid conservative. What a great spokesman for the conservative movement.

It sounds like Obama and his thralls are very concerned about this choice.

McCain in '08!

rosco said...

Obama has now won! There are too many out there who will not vote for a woman, but a half-baked white guy might work.

Anonymous said...

Hillary and ferraro trashed by making racist comments towards Obama. Hillary big mouth along with her husband BUBBA prevented her from winning because of a piss poor run campaign that went bankrupt thinking it would be over by super Tuesday! What happened Obama went a 12-0 state run and the race was over by march. Then the smear campign by Clinton increased and she ruined her chance by maybe saving face by being on the tickett. But what did she do went for the jugular and may have cost her party the election and her actually becoming the highest woman to serve in office. Oh yeah she played tv gender card througout the campaign claiming everyone was being sexist for questioning her lie about sniper fire and throwing her book bag on the bed when she heard MLK was shot.ALSO pandering to white blue collar workers stating Obama can't win the white blue collar vote which was an actual qoute. If obama said she can't win the white vote becuuase of her dumb comments everyone would say he was playing the race card. So rue these are some of the reasons Hillary screwed herself and possibility her parties chances because Americans might be dumb enough to fall for McCain's deperate pick of palin who has nook experience only gender appeal and oh yeah she shoots a gun and take her children to soccer I mean hockey games. Our country is in deep shit!