29 August 2008

On the fence? NObama - NOWay!

It's come to my attention that some of you are considering voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

Now that is your constitutional right, and I support you in the full expression of all your God-given rights. While it is incumbent upon McCain to stand up and start showing his leadership chops, we can make an informed decision as to who would be a better president by looking at the actions of both.

Having said that though, I'm going to sketch a picture of Barack Hussein Obama. Indulge me in a quick massage of the left side of your brain. I promise that it will give you some things to ponder before you make the hasty, and dare I say uninformed, decision to vote for Obama.

I'll make this short and sweet. Here are the top ten reasons why Obama shouldn't be president:

1. Radical Past - It's a good thing that someone who has done so little in life has the time to write 2 books about all of that vapidity. From Obama's own writings we see that he has consistently surrounded himself with self-styled radicals, marxists and communists. Obama's mentor "Frank" was none other than Frank Marshall Davis - an outspoken member of the Communist Party of America. Obama is good friends with William Ayers - the Weather Underground member who bombed the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol, various police headquarters, and other targets in the early 1970s. Ayers has said publicly that his group "didn't do enough" and that "America still makes me want to puke." He's an outspoken critic of US policies and seeks to supplant our democracy with a Marxist utopia via revolution. In fact, if you're a friend of Obama, you're no doubt not a friend of America.

Most of you weren't around in the 1960's. But the history of the Weather Underground and SDS movements must be remembered. Ayers and the Weatherman organization used bombings to get their message across. Today the word "radical" has lost some of its edginess and energy. Make no mistake: they are terrorists, plain and simple. Just because they couch their agenda with such weasel words as "social justice" doesn't mean that they are any less dangerous. Ayer's wife Bernadine Dorne openly admired Charles Manson and spoke glowingly about the murders of Sharon Tate and the Labiancas. She, and her cronies in crime, were (are) unmitigated supporters of the Black Panther Party. She is quoted as saying, "We felt that the murder of Fred [Hampton - Black Panther leader] required us to be more grave, more serious, more determined to raise the stakes and not just be the white people who wrung their hands when black people were being murdered." They murdered a number of police officers during the course of their campaign.

Via FreeRepublic, Here's a complete of their crimes.

(an interesting sidenote: one of Weather Underground participants in the Brinks bank robbery was none other than Mutulu Shakur, father of the late Tupac Shakur. The poisoned apple doesn't fall far from the poisoned tree.)

2. Lack of Experience - while in the senate, Obama voted in virtual lock-step with Dick Durbin. He's done little in life except to write 2 memoirs and agitate on the streets of Chicago. He's never run a business, never had to write a payroll check, never had to negotiate with a vendor, never had to deal with paying quarterly payroll taxes, never had to endure the unending list of City licensing bureaus with their hands out, didn't have to spend 12 hours a day - 6 days a week - trying to keep food on the table for your family. In short, he's disconnected from reality.

3. Lack of Accomplishments - What has this man done that he deserves to be president? Nothing. His voting record reflects it. If you go to VoteSmart; you'll see he voted almost 200 times "no vote" (not present, or simply not voting.) National Journal voted him the most liberal senator in 2007. While calling ICE law enforcement officials terrorists, Obama continues to fight for "comprehensive immigration reform" (LibTard Code for AMNESTY). Make no mistake, Obama is not in favor of enforcing existing immigration laws. He wants a fast-track to citizenship because the Dems really love ignorant, illiterate peasants within their ranks because the trolls won't question anything and won't demand answers. Even Al-jazeerah is getting in on the act and covering the Democratic Convention. While our Democratic leadership is busy providing rights to terrorist detainees, they're certainly catering to the Islamofacist segment of their voting constituency.

4. Socialist ideology - Like all good Leftists, Obama is careful to camouflage his socialist programs in pragmatic terms. He couches his ideology in terms that aren't threatening. He uses terms like "investments", "social justice", "economic justice", and social program spending to "make America more competitive." "Economic justice" simply means punishing the successful and redistributing their wealth by government fiat. It's a euphemism for socialism.

In the past, such rhetoric was just that — rhetoric. But Obama's positioning himself with alarming stealth to put that rhetoric into action on a scale not seen since the birth of the welfare state.

In his latest memoir he shares that he'd like to "recast" the welfare net that FDR and LBJ cast while rolling back what he derisively calls the "winner-take-all" market economy that Ronald Reagan reignited (with record gains in living standards for all).

Obama also talks about "restoring fairness to the economy," code for soaking the "rich" — a segment of society he fails to understand that includes mom-and-pop businesses filing individual tax returns.

5. Guilt by Association - William Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pflegler, and Saul Alinsky are just a few of the radicals and Marxist revolutionaries that Obama has installed around himself. When he was at Occidental he wrote that "among his friends he included "the more politically active black students, foreign students, Chicanos, Marxist professors, feminists, and punk rock performance poets." Today the meaning of a radical has lost the impact it once had because not many people remember viscerally, what the 1960's were like. We almost lost this country in the '60s. Hayden and Fonda types were in abundance, reading Alinsky's book "Reveille for Radicals" and actively trying to destabilize the US in order to install a Bolshevik revolution.

6.National Healthcare - We have the greatest healthcare system in the world. Thousands come here every year to get healthcare. From 2002 to 2006 85 drugs were released in the US. Meanwhile in europe, only 44 of those 85 made it on the market. The reason? European governments wouldn't provide it to their patients because of cost considerations. Go to one of these countries that has nationalized medicine and you'll likely get half the treatment you'd get in the US. The UK magazine Lancet for Oncology just released a study of european medicine that was quite critical of the nationalized systems. In their piece, they point out that Americans have a better than five-year survival rate for 13 of the 16 most prominent cancers when compared with their European and Canadian counterparts. With breast cancer, for instance, the survival rate among American women is 83.9 percent. For women in Britain, it’s just 69.7 percent. For men with prostate cancer, the survival rate is 91.9 percent here but just 73.7 percent in France and 51.1 percent in Britain. American men and women are more than 35 percent more likely to survive colon cancer than their British counterparts. It’s no wonder then that foreign dignitaries living in countries with socialized health care systems routinely come to this country when they need top-flight medical treatment.And from the DCExaminer: " Take the much-vaunted Canadian system. More than 825,000 Canadian citizens are currently on waiting lists for surgery and other necessary treatments. Fifteen years ago, the average wait between a referral from a primary-care doctor to treatment by a specialist was around nine weeks. Today, that wait is over 16 weeks."

7. Abject Stupidity - from his "I think we just finished 47 states - 1 to go." to his convention introduction where he called Biden "president" (and Biden called him "Barack America")...Barack Hussein Obama is a literal gaffe-machine. When poor Dan Quayle misspelled "Potato", the LibTards had a field day with him over it. Obama doesn't even get a nudge from his MSM PR handlers. And on a related note, what did the Anointed One do when McCain issued an ad pointing out the connection between Obama and Ayers? He took a page out of the Saul Alinsky playbook and threatened to get the Justice Department to charge criminally any media outlet that broadcasts the Ad. In Obama's world free-speech only exists if you agree with Obama. Doesn't it bother anyone that this candidate is asking for criminal charges against a private citizen because the citizen decided to exercise his free-speech rights? WTF? This portends very ill of what to expect if this goof gets elected.

8. Michelle Obama - Man, get over it! She's no Jackie Kennedy! From her "This is the first time I've been proud of my country" comment to "Barack could get shot, as a black man, just going to get gas!" She's just as retarded as he is. These United States have been good to the Obamas. She was extremely well paid by the University of Chicago when she served on their board. He's been from one elite school to the next - from Hawaii to Harvard. She acts like her softball husband was born in the ghetto and was lucky to get his GED. The truth is that he has been pampered since he was a little boy. He's been extremely well taken care of by his relatives. In fact, he was born with a silver-spoon in his mouth.

9. The Cup's half-full! The country is in dire straits. It's all doom-and-gloom. The economy is tanking, everyone's losing their home, employment's in the cellar, national malaise is at an alltime-high. blah..blah..blah...No wonder he won't release his medical records. He's high as a kite! He, and his Liberal buddies are walking contradictions. They decry the government and say it's "not working" but then they turn around and call for more government?!?!?!?! They just don't get it.

10. Hyperbole, lies and covert operations! Obama has much to hide, apparently. He won't release his billing records while working as Tony Rezko's attorney. Rezko is now a convicted felon. Obama won't release his medical records. Even though he's openly admitted to long term drug use, his favorite doctor released a one page letter saying that Obama's health is fine. Obama won't release his senate records (his office says that they were 'destroyed'). Obama won't release the University of Illinois documents related to his stint with William Ayers when they both sat on the board of a small not-for-profit. And it goes on and on...one hidden land-mine after another. In the last few months he's changed his views, his fundamental views, because he knows he has to go to the center-right if he'll have any hope in getting elected. FISA, abortion, gun control and the death penalty are all topics that Obama has shifted his positions on within the last few months. A few years ago he was against the death penalty in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. He was in favor of partial birth abortions. He wanted ALL GUNS banned; without exception. He voted against every FISA initiative. Obama has changed his position on everyone of these issues now.

Bare in mind that Obama learned his lessons in political agitation very well. He and his team know that "the best offense is the best defense." They're busy attacking at all the negativity that is, rightfully so, being launched at him.

So based on his own writings, his associations, his voting record: here's what you'll get if you vote for Obama. You'll get someone who wants to expand government, open the borders and give illegals all the same rights at you and me, he'll put International precedent in front of US law, he'll treat the constitution as a "living, breathing document" and diverge away from the original intent of the founders. In short, you can expect to pay more in taxes, see less services and have less and less freedoms. He wants complete bans on guns: he believes that NO ONE should be able to own a gun. Expect to see more activist judges passing laws that by-pass the ballot boxes so that they can insert their Liberal worldview on all of us. He'll try to push through reparations and more and more welfare spending. He'll initiate funding the 1% who have defaulted on their home loans, while 99% of us pay for it.

And all this non-sense being spewed about Obama's father. Give me a break! Obama Sr. came to the US to get his degree when he met an 18-year activist. He knocked her up and then fled back to Kenya to join his Communist tribal organization. He then knocked up a few more women and had a bunch more kids. The Senior Obama then drank himself into ill-health and then died in a car accident. The truth about Obama's daddy isn't convenient to the Camelot illusion that the press is trying to spin so it gets no play.


Anonymous said...

What r u smoking dude?

Anonymous said...

Vote McCain !!!

Anonymous said...

I know its a typo, its 57 states. And he was going to one more state according to the lamb of chicago.


rosco said...

Obama has won. The bimbo thing the republicans are doing won't work. The southern elderly will not vote for a woman.

Anonymous said...

Obama has won. The bimbo thing the republicans are doing won't work. The southern elderly will not vote for a woman.

A woman who is a lifetime NRA member, has 5 kids, won and placed in beauty contests, and has a husband NASCAR people are going to go nuts over? The South is going to vote for this woman in droves dude.

Anonymous said...


rosco said...

I voted for Obama against Hillary. I want to see a big change in things. Therefore I will still vote for Obama. If the system crashes, oh well. It was due to happen sooner or later. This country has too many bills and not enough money to pay them. It would be comical to see the welfare system crash. Riotous gangs of ghetto thugs demanding their cut of America's riches.

Rue St. Michel said...

Rosco, you're a breath of fresh air on this blog. Keep up the good work!

rosco said...

Maybe it would look like Somalia here in the states????

Anonymous said...

Rue, I do believe this is your best editorial to date!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Coldtype said...

Rue I’ve really thought a great deal about this subject for some years now. I don’t remember the specific moment when I lost complete faith in the US political system but I’m certain my views began to harden once it became apparent to me that our vaunted “two party” system of government was largely a symbolic fraud, a cheap parlor trick played upon a public too worn down and distracted by the hamster-on-a-treadmill existence that “free market” capitalism demands. What Joe & Mary Six-pack of America know for absolute certain is that their dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it used to but the mortgage is still due on the first of each month (though they’re hopelessly “upside-down” value wise given the rapidly deflating housing bubble), the kids will have to go into ruinous debt if they’re even thinking about college, the pension (if they’re fortunate enough to have one) won’t be nearly enough to cover their retirement needs and, if they should suffer the misfortune of a serious illness, then bankruptcy and homelessness are realistic possibilities.

Have you ever thought about the trillion dollar income shift in the US over the past quarter century or how this process was facilitated? Since the Reagan administration at least 1 trillion dollars have been transferred from the pockets of the bottom 90% of earners into the coffers of the top 5-10% of earners (including major corporations) via POLICY decisions of our “own” government. For more details on this astounding fact pay close attention to what Dr. Jack Rasmus writes here. In brief, when tax dollars are redirected to defense contractors and our global constellation of military bases (nearly 500 billion per year and climbing), or when domestic policy assures the maintenance of the most inefficient healthcare system (at a cost of 100 billion dollars per annum) in the industrialized world (47 million Americans are without health care insurance and the leading cause of bankruptcies in the US are due to medical expenses--this includes the medically insured); these policies directly (and detrimentally) effect the overwhelming majority of Americans.

What many fail to understand is that this state of affairs has been a thoroughly bipartisan effort on the part of our two “oppositional” political parties in behalf of the major corporate entities that largely fund them. Any politically savvy operator understands that to have a snow-ball’s chance in hell for a major public office, he or she must first genuflect before the feet of corporate power. Rue, if you carefully review Barack Obama’s public statements, voting record, and his commanding lead in campaign contributions from the Wall Street titans, the insurance industry, Big Pharma, his early vetting by the DLC (the center-right Trojan Horse of the Democratic Party), and his clear, unequivocal support for corporatism and continued US militarism abroad, it will be clear to you that to categorize this committed centrist as even liberal, much less a Marxist, is patently absurd. The ruling class has examined Obama and determined that he has what it takes to mop up the mess Team Bush has left of things and more efficiently manage imperial affairs. Otherwise he’d be howling into the wind with Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, and Cynthia McKinney. Rue, Eugene Debs was last actual American socialist to command the kind of support Barack Obama has today, but for entirely different reasons. Debs support came from a groundswell of activist support amongst a politically aware and involved population that had social-democratic traditions and lived-memory (suffragette and abolitionist movements, anti-child-labor agitation, 8 hour workday, etc) that today’s zombified, apathetic generation does not begin to approach (though that’s beginning to change--slowly).

Obama’s popularity is an entirely media-created phenomenon that has very little to do with his actual positions on the issues--for they are decidedly center-right and well to the right of American public opinion as is the case with the platforms of both major parties. Remember, our political perceptions are shaped by the same forces that sell us automobiles and shampoo, namely the advertising industry. America’s quadrennial electoral extravaganzas are little more than marketing campaigns that stay as far away from the issues as possible, focusing instead on trivialities such as personality, “thoughts” on gay marriage, school prayer, etc. But extensive debate and reflections on our ruinous foreign debt compounded by deficit spending to further enrich defense contractors, “free-trade” agreements that are in fact investor rights agreements which hollow out the industrial base of our nation and deepen massive-inequality in developing nations? Not on your life.

Rue, I’ll expand further on these and related themes in my next post but it’s critical that you absorb those essays of Dr. Rasmus that I link above. They tie directly into the issue you mentioned regarding government intervention in the larger economy and its effects on society as a whole. The main thrust of my next post will be concerned with the monster coming ‘round the bend in our banking and financial sector and, more importantly, the critical bipartisan role played in its creation by Congress and the Federal Reserve--the very institutions which, in a functioning democracy, would have prioritized the public’s interests above that of Wall Street.

Rue St. Michel said...

Coldie --
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beliefs with us. If you're as slow a typer as me, it must have taken quite a while to write all that.

(heavy sigh) I don't know where to begin in responding to you. I did read Jack Rasmus' theses (the hyperlinked pages you referred to.)

Let me say first, that it's clear that we will never be able to agree on anything politically. What you, Rasmus and Paul Street are endorsing is nothing less than totalitarianism. You may couch it in terms of "justice" and "imperialism" but those are just words that seek to define the true intent of what you propose away. You seek to white-wash the tyranny that you and your comrades would have as a governing body.

I know of what I speak: My family came from a soviet bloc state in eastern europe. They came over in 1927 (thank God!). What the soviets did to their own people is well documented. It is even well documented how the State was able to override individual liberty in order to effect "social justice" and "social change." By using "for the good of the people" they were able to pass laws and regulations that, for example, put journalists in gulags for their criticisms of the government. Stalin was able to murder millions of his own people simply by labeling them "enemies of the state." The fraud of the century is that today we think of Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler as right-wing fascists. They were fascists alright but, they had nothing to do with the Right.

Historically the Right has always been about peace, individual freedom, self-reliance and free markets.

A la George Orwell, the Left began a campaign in the 1930's that first changed the language. The Left began to agitate for "social change" by claiming that there were "class conflicts that divide us." In order to form a more perfect union (utopia) they figured out that the only way to do that was to construct a government that would be the be-all, end-all - the total package. Thus the world "totalitarian" entered our vernacular. Back then it wasn't a dirty word: in fact, calling any leader a "fascist" was actually a compliment because they were looked upon as trendsetters who were going to improve our "antiquated" democratic governments.

Thus FDR came up with the New Deal, LBJ came up with The Great Society and Mao had his Cultural Revolution. (Yes, FDR, Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt were all fascists - without a doubt.) Reagan even got slammed for pointing out this out to the news media back in 1981. He knew FDR's sons and was a reformed NewDealer himself.

So back to your post: I still take umbrage with the numbers you quote. How can your folks throw out 1.2 million Iraqi casualties? Don't you think the NYTimes would have picked this up and run with it like Desmond Howard in the SuperBowl? Of course they would have. The number is inaccurate; and that's why they haven't.

And I see you put the "47 million" number out there in regards to Healthcare. Did you see my breakdown of the actual numbers? 9 million of that number are illegals, 70% of those not covered by insurance are for less then one year, and that 20 million choose not to get insurance because they're in good health (being between the ages of 18-34).

Contrary to what your rabble-rouser writers would have you believe, ColdType, we're not in dire economic circumstances. The "housing bubble" is a correction. Only 1% of mortgage holders are going to default on their loans - and those 1% probably shouldn't have gotten loans in the first place. Here's a perfect opportunity to show you how a government is never the answer to societal problems. The demonized lending community (banks, finance companies, "greedy financiers"; in your lingo) were denying loans to people who didn't have the resources to pay the mortgage. They had bad credit, or didn't meet the qualifications to get the loan. Some of the folks who couldn't afford the mortgages were black. So in walks some street agitator, who tells the bank that they're "discriminating" against black by not making the loans. Some liberal in the government HUD program agrees and tells the bank they have to give the loan or they'll be sued for Civil Rights violations and for "red-lining". So here is just another example of how government fucks up something once they get their hands on it. The banks are damned if they do, damned if they don't.

The price of crude oil is another. The eco-nazi liberals in congress subsidized farmers to grow corn so that ethanol could be produced. Ethanol is a very low energy potential fuel. So the corn that would be going to feed people was diverted into making fuel. Ethanol production is expected to increase 25% over last year, and consume about 4 billion bushels of corn out of the 86 billion that will be sown this year. In the face of record corn prices, the cattle and poultry industries have been lobbying the EPA to cut the nation's ethanol production mandate in half.

So because of government meddling, we have less corn, higher gas prices and higher food prices. So much for "Big Brother's" benevolence.

I could go on and on but I won't waste your time. We currently have the best healthcare system in the world. And why? Because it's still free-market based. If the government gets its hands into even more, we're going to see less quality, fewer drugs and less doctors. You'll be standing in line waiting to get your broken arm fixed for a month!

I'm no fan of corporations. I worked for a few multi-nationals and they're sterile, hamster-wheels that grind you down. I likened it to "soul murder" (Kaspar Hauser's term I think?) but corporations get demonized even though they're the engines of our society. Marxism is attractive because, if you're a high-level member of The Party, you get to live like a king. The problem is that it is not evenly distributed. Long lines, poor quality, cultural malaise, shortages are just a few of what we are going to enjoy if we keep moving towards socialism. My family went back to the our country of origin in the late 1980's. Dresses cost 800 rubles, but you could go to a private seamstress and get one made for 50.

That's what collectivized markets do - they ration. They don't invent, they don't produce - they ration. They're lifeless, bottomless pits of slogans, sloth and corruption. The Nazis had a slogan: "Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz." It translates roughly as "the community, over self-interest" or All for One, One for All. FDR had his Blue Eagle with almost the same saying ("We Do Our Part")

So we come at this problem from different angles and with much different assumptions. I'm not a conspiracy theorist so the 9/11 Truthers and the Haliburton nonsense doesn't faze me. I don't buy for a moment the notion that our country is broken. The ones who are saying that are attempting to create the illusion that it is broken so they can swoop in and "fix" it - with the right mixture of policy, and of course, your taxes.

Obama is a Marxist - though one who has carefully tried to hide his radical past. He and his cadres are use the language of Marx: it's all in his books and papers. Just because he's not out praising Che and wearing a red beret doesn't mean that he's not in that camp. He's in favor of massive redistribution of wealth programs, a la the New Deal and LBJs fiascos.

Marx's philosophy didn't work, and will never work in society because it doesn't take human nature into account. Life is unfair and no amount of rules, laws and regulations will ever make it so. Humans want things, they like to enjoy themselves and some will always have more money than others. So what! Get over it already. Trying to hand-cuff everyone out of some misplaced quasi-religious fervor won't do anything but result demoralize "the masses" and will create nothing but fear and paranoia.

I hate to point out the obvious but it is not corporations who are the real oppressors and imperialists: it is the Left and their cronies. The old saying goes that nature abhors a vacuum. That's why America is the greatest country in the world. We don't have classes of people like old europe did. We don't have racial issues - although the Liberals keep telling us we do out of their own warped agenda. Our defense spending is 7% of our GDP. From 2001 through 2006, education spending leaped 137 percent, health research and regulation increased by 78 percent, and anti-poverty spending surged by 39 percent to reach a record 16 percent of the federal budget. You don't hear that in the news, do you?

The government that governs least, governs best. I stand by those words and I remember the past. My family carries the scars of what the soviets did; all out of the good of "the people."

Anonymous said...

Well Rue-y, let me put my two cents in, although my fellow comrade, Coldie, needs me not to to provide back-up. I am more like Don Wilson to his Jack Benny. (Think anyone knows that analogy?).

To examine some of your points:

"Let me say first, that it's clear that we will never be able to agree on anything politically."

That includes me also, although I like you better than the other right wing P/O site because you rarely launch into personal attacks.

"A la George Orwell, the Left began a campaign in the 1930's that first changed the language. The Left began to agitate for "social change" by claiming that there were "class conflicts that divide us."

Can you doubt there was no class conflicts in the U.S. at that time?Thanks to the Russian Revolution people saw that things could change. Unfortunately those in power in Russia strayed from the theory of Marx/Egels, and even less so, Leon Trotsky.

"The eco-nazi liberals in congress subsidized farmers to grow corn so that ethanol could be produced. Ethanol is a very low energy potential fuel. So the corn that would be going to feed people was diverted into making fuel."

The farmers get the same price for corn be it for fuel consumption or personal consumption. More money can be made by multi-national conglomerates with fuel than corn on the cob.

"The government that governs least, governs best. I stand by those words and I remember the past. My family carries the scars of what the soviets did; all out of the good of "the people."

The government that governs the least has not the interests of the lower classes. As I noted before, some of those Soviet Socialists in power abused it. A true Leninist, Marxist or Trotskyist (whatever camp they follow) would not allow that.

Notice I left out Stalinists. Believe it or not, there is a small group in Russia these days trying to point out he was "misunderstood."


Anonymous said...

Notice I left out Stalinists. Believe it or not, there is a small group in Russia these days trying to point out he was "misunderstood."


9:37 AM

Yeah,guys like you Mr. anti-gun mule lover.