04 August 2008

In memory of Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Nobel prize winning Russian author, has died.

Like Dostoevsky and Orwell - Solzhenitsyn showed vividly just how horrific a socialist state can be. He tore away the thin veneer of authenticity that covered Josef Stalin's reign of terror and painted a bloody and terrible picture of what life was like in the soviet Gulags. Like the Left in general, Solzhenitsyn showed that The State is concerned about one thing, and one thing only: Power. It uses its people as pawns and consolidates power so that the individual is blended in amongst the "collective."

That's why today we hear our own"heroic" Democratic Leftists using the same old slogans and rhetoric from Marx'sdas Kapital

What is the big deal? They, The Left, wants to take power from you and put it in the hand of bureaucrats. That's why you hear idiots like Obama talking about "economic justice" and pushing for more and more federal government intrusion. They want to dismantle private initiatives and set up their own "collective."

When Obama preaches about National Healthcare, or having the government take over big oil, that is exactly what they want. Government never invents anything: all they do is take over and then ration.

The Left's platform is straight out of Stalin's playbook.

I read "One Day in The Life of Ivan Denisovich" when I was a kid and I can still quote entire passages from it. It was a stunning portrayal, based in the author's own experiences in a soviet gulag along the Khazakstan border. The brutality of the soviet system was finally open for all to see.

One passage describes the morning where the men are forced to go out to dig fence posts. The main character tries to go to the camp hospital because the temperature is -70F and he is starving from malnutrition. He doesn't think he'll make it through the day. Reading the novel, you could feel the cold tearing through the rags as the workers chipped away at the frozen ground. Solzhenitsyn was brilliant.

Solzhenitsyn's magnum opus was The Gulag Archipelago.

If you're interested to see where our Leftist leaders are attempting to lead us, read The Gulag Achipelago or "One Day" and you'll see exactly the kind of mind-set that we're dealing with right now under Frau Pelosi and NOI-trained Barack Hussein Obama.

Here is the Sun's obit on him.

Here is a chilling interview with a Siberian gulag survivor.

History, it seems, tends to repeat itself.


Anonymous said...

while in Boston some years back i had the honor to meet this man, he was sitting on a park bench near Fanneuil hall and I asked if he wasAlexander the former Zek of his book he smiled and got up and shook my hand and i must say i wouldnt want to get punched by this man,he stated he was in Boston to see his publisher and agent and when I told him i was a Chicago policeman visiting the area he talked of his time in the Gulag and the hardship of it and staed that American police and British police were now get this MEN WITH SOULS Inever got a kinder compliment from anyone all the time I was on the job RIP ALEXANDER YOU PAID YOUR DUES.

Rue St. Michel said...

Wow - that's a great story.

Thank you so much for sharing it. You couldn't have gone through so much suffering without it changing you. I'll bet he had a long gaze.


Anonymous said...

Gee, and everyone thinks Hitler was a monster. Stalin was far worse, killing over 40 million. But everyone was scared of the Soviets.

Anonymous said...

Soviet military power can still kick yankee butt. U.S. military forces are so liberal now, they can't fight their way out of paper bag.

neil bergstein said...

In case u havn't heard 7:50am the US Military won the war in Iraq.
You wont hear it in the whore liberal press. You've been sipping to many lattes w/your lefty butt-
By the way RUE, nice write-up for
SOLZHENITSYN; ya'd think that the whore left would say more about him. He stood up to oppression,in-
cluding of the media. The trouble is, the left in this Country are the oppressors!

Anonymous said...

U.S. forces have won in Iraq??? Then why they still there? And the U.S. always loses in the end. Look at WWII, Germany and the Japs got rebuilt by yankee dollars and now U.S. is going down the tubes....

Anonymous said...