09 August 2008

Bernie Mac et al

Another one bites the dust.

"Comedian" Bernie Mac is dead. He was 50.

I'm going to go on a rant here so bear with me.

While I'm saddened at the loss of another person - I'm not sorry to point out to my erudite readers, most of whom already know, that most of these black comedians make it a point to denigrate whites as part of their routines. Bernie Mac, Wanda Sykes, Steve Harvey, Arsenio Hall, and Cedric the Entertainer all use whites as a foil for their comedic sets.

The double standard is appalling. Let's look at Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx, an award-winning black entertainer, publicly announced that "dog fighting is a cultural thing' in regards to Mike Vick's legal issues involving running a dog fighting ring. Foxx also publicly threatened to beat up Michael Richards, after Richard's tirade was broadcast.

Of course the press gave him a free pass on that one because if you're black you can be "angry" and that's quite alright, apparently. No such consideration is forthcoming for whites who are angry. Even the Annointed One said that whites are angry, bigots "who cling to their bibles and their guns out of fear."

Foxx, like most of these race baiters, seems to be projecting his own prejudices on other people. Have you ever noticed that people who cheat on their wives and husbands, are always the ones that are constantly accusing their significant others of cheating? It's a classic projection technique. Bigots do the same thing. They see bigotry everywhere because they themselves are the biggest bigots going.

Foxx openly declared that he had a "bitter hatred" towards whites because of an incident in his teenage years. Was he beaten by a group of Klansmen? Uh, no. The incident that sparked his Black Anger was that a white man used the word 'nigger' when referring to him.

Actor Jamie Foxx once refused to let more than one white person in his house at any time because he was so fed up of being treated as a second-class citizen because of his color. The star admits a racist incident when he was a teenager irked him so much he spent the next few years bitterly seeking revenge on white people.

He relates, "When I was 15, I went to play the piano for this white guy's Christmas party, but when me and a friend showed up we were told, 'I can't have two n**gers in my house at one time.'" Foxx had to send his pal home despite the fact he had driven Foxx all the way there, reports The New York Daily News.

Since then he started restricting white numbers at his party in a similar manner, telling pairs of guests, "You all will have to make a decision between you two." On his friends' advice Foxx recently changed his entrance policy, but he jokes that even at his most embittered he never set a limit on white women.

Foxx is a superstar. He's even being pegged to play James Bond in some upcoming movie portrayal of the famous MI5 agent.

But let a white comedian use a racial stereotype and the whole world gets in an uproar. Just google 'black comedians racist bigots' and you'll get 1,270 hits - most of them deal with Michael Richards' use of the "N" word during a show.


The point of my post is this: It wouldn't bother me in the least if white entertainers were allowed to reciprocate with blacks as the target of their humor. Because let's be honest, there's PLENTY of fodder there to poke fun at.

But we can't do that because everyone knows blacks can't be ridiculed. You have only to look at Jaime Foxx to see that humour is a One-Way Street.


Anonymous said...

Jamie Foxx, definetly no "Red Foxx"!

Anonymous said...

Tales of the MULE!!

Anonymous said...

See what smokin crack does to your lungs.

neil bergstein said...

Slightly on topic:

R.I.P. to the "Duke of New York".
Looks like he got the SHAFT; died
just a bit too soon!!
Whats with all these famous Bruthas passin' on , RUE?

Rue St. Michel said...

Life ain't nothin' but bitches and money.

MOB, yo....

Coldtype said...

“The point of my post is this...”

Yeah Rue about that, just what the fuck is your point?

Anonymous said...

The city has a new remap plan coming out soon. Only 24 districts. They plan to cut the 25th out. Rezone the borders of 014, 015, and 016 to fill in. Reassign all the personnel of 025 to foot patrols and turn old station into a community center.

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