29 August 2008

On the fence? NObama - NOWay!

It's come to my attention that some of you are considering voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

Now that is your constitutional right, and I support you in the full expression of all your God-given rights. While it is incumbent upon McCain to stand up and start showing his leadership chops, we can make an informed decision as to who would be a better president by looking at the actions of both.

Having said that though, I'm going to sketch a picture of Barack Hussein Obama. Indulge me in a quick massage of the left side of your brain. I promise that it will give you some things to ponder before you make the hasty, and dare I say uninformed, decision to vote for Obama.

I'll make this short and sweet. Here are the top ten reasons why Obama shouldn't be president:

1. Radical Past - It's a good thing that someone who has done so little in life has the time to write 2 books about all of that vapidity. From Obama's own writings we see that he has consistently surrounded himself with self-styled radicals, marxists and communists. Obama's mentor "Frank" was none other than Frank Marshall Davis - an outspoken member of the Communist Party of America. Obama is good friends with William Ayers - the Weather Underground member who bombed the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol, various police headquarters, and other targets in the early 1970s. Ayers has said publicly that his group "didn't do enough" and that "America still makes me want to puke." He's an outspoken critic of US policies and seeks to supplant our democracy with a Marxist utopia via revolution. In fact, if you're a friend of Obama, you're no doubt not a friend of America.

Most of you weren't around in the 1960's. But the history of the Weather Underground and SDS movements must be remembered. Ayers and the Weatherman organization used bombings to get their message across. Today the word "radical" has lost some of its edginess and energy. Make no mistake: they are terrorists, plain and simple. Just because they couch their agenda with such weasel words as "social justice" doesn't mean that they are any less dangerous. Ayer's wife Bernadine Dorne openly admired Charles Manson and spoke glowingly about the murders of Sharon Tate and the Labiancas. She, and her cronies in crime, were (are) unmitigated supporters of the Black Panther Party. She is quoted as saying, "We felt that the murder of Fred [Hampton - Black Panther leader] required us to be more grave, more serious, more determined to raise the stakes and not just be the white people who wrung their hands when black people were being murdered." They murdered a number of police officers during the course of their campaign.

Via FreeRepublic, Here's a complete of their crimes.

(an interesting sidenote: one of Weather Underground participants in the Brinks bank robbery was none other than Mutulu Shakur, father of the late Tupac Shakur. The poisoned apple doesn't fall far from the poisoned tree.)

2. Lack of Experience - while in the senate, Obama voted in virtual lock-step with Dick Durbin. He's done little in life except to write 2 memoirs and agitate on the streets of Chicago. He's never run a business, never had to write a payroll check, never had to negotiate with a vendor, never had to deal with paying quarterly payroll taxes, never had to endure the unending list of City licensing bureaus with their hands out, didn't have to spend 12 hours a day - 6 days a week - trying to keep food on the table for your family. In short, he's disconnected from reality.

3. Lack of Accomplishments - What has this man done that he deserves to be president? Nothing. His voting record reflects it. If you go to VoteSmart; you'll see he voted almost 200 times "no vote" (not present, or simply not voting.) National Journal voted him the most liberal senator in 2007. While calling ICE law enforcement officials terrorists, Obama continues to fight for "comprehensive immigration reform" (LibTard Code for AMNESTY). Make no mistake, Obama is not in favor of enforcing existing immigration laws. He wants a fast-track to citizenship because the Dems really love ignorant, illiterate peasants within their ranks because the trolls won't question anything and won't demand answers. Even Al-jazeerah is getting in on the act and covering the Democratic Convention. While our Democratic leadership is busy providing rights to terrorist detainees, they're certainly catering to the Islamofacist segment of their voting constituency.

4. Socialist ideology - Like all good Leftists, Obama is careful to camouflage his socialist programs in pragmatic terms. He couches his ideology in terms that aren't threatening. He uses terms like "investments", "social justice", "economic justice", and social program spending to "make America more competitive." "Economic justice" simply means punishing the successful and redistributing their wealth by government fiat. It's a euphemism for socialism.

In the past, such rhetoric was just that — rhetoric. But Obama's positioning himself with alarming stealth to put that rhetoric into action on a scale not seen since the birth of the welfare state.

In his latest memoir he shares that he'd like to "recast" the welfare net that FDR and LBJ cast while rolling back what he derisively calls the "winner-take-all" market economy that Ronald Reagan reignited (with record gains in living standards for all).

Obama also talks about "restoring fairness to the economy," code for soaking the "rich" — a segment of society he fails to understand that includes mom-and-pop businesses filing individual tax returns.

5. Guilt by Association - William Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pflegler, and Saul Alinsky are just a few of the radicals and Marxist revolutionaries that Obama has installed around himself. When he was at Occidental he wrote that "among his friends he included "the more politically active black students, foreign students, Chicanos, Marxist professors, feminists, and punk rock performance poets." Today the meaning of a radical has lost the impact it once had because not many people remember viscerally, what the 1960's were like. We almost lost this country in the '60s. Hayden and Fonda types were in abundance, reading Alinsky's book "Reveille for Radicals" and actively trying to destabilize the US in order to install a Bolshevik revolution.

6.National Healthcare - We have the greatest healthcare system in the world. Thousands come here every year to get healthcare. From 2002 to 2006 85 drugs were released in the US. Meanwhile in europe, only 44 of those 85 made it on the market. The reason? European governments wouldn't provide it to their patients because of cost considerations. Go to one of these countries that has nationalized medicine and you'll likely get half the treatment you'd get in the US. The UK magazine Lancet for Oncology just released a study of european medicine that was quite critical of the nationalized systems. In their piece, they point out that Americans have a better than five-year survival rate for 13 of the 16 most prominent cancers when compared with their European and Canadian counterparts. With breast cancer, for instance, the survival rate among American women is 83.9 percent. For women in Britain, it’s just 69.7 percent. For men with prostate cancer, the survival rate is 91.9 percent here but just 73.7 percent in France and 51.1 percent in Britain. American men and women are more than 35 percent more likely to survive colon cancer than their British counterparts. It’s no wonder then that foreign dignitaries living in countries with socialized health care systems routinely come to this country when they need top-flight medical treatment.And from the DCExaminer: " Take the much-vaunted Canadian system. More than 825,000 Canadian citizens are currently on waiting lists for surgery and other necessary treatments. Fifteen years ago, the average wait between a referral from a primary-care doctor to treatment by a specialist was around nine weeks. Today, that wait is over 16 weeks."

7. Abject Stupidity - from his "I think we just finished 47 states - 1 to go." to his convention introduction where he called Biden "president" (and Biden called him "Barack America")...Barack Hussein Obama is a literal gaffe-machine. When poor Dan Quayle misspelled "Potato", the LibTards had a field day with him over it. Obama doesn't even get a nudge from his MSM PR handlers. And on a related note, what did the Anointed One do when McCain issued an ad pointing out the connection between Obama and Ayers? He took a page out of the Saul Alinsky playbook and threatened to get the Justice Department to charge criminally any media outlet that broadcasts the Ad. In Obama's world free-speech only exists if you agree with Obama. Doesn't it bother anyone that this candidate is asking for criminal charges against a private citizen because the citizen decided to exercise his free-speech rights? WTF? This portends very ill of what to expect if this goof gets elected.

8. Michelle Obama - Man, get over it! She's no Jackie Kennedy! From her "This is the first time I've been proud of my country" comment to "Barack could get shot, as a black man, just going to get gas!" She's just as retarded as he is. These United States have been good to the Obamas. She was extremely well paid by the University of Chicago when she served on their board. He's been from one elite school to the next - from Hawaii to Harvard. She acts like her softball husband was born in the ghetto and was lucky to get his GED. The truth is that he has been pampered since he was a little boy. He's been extremely well taken care of by his relatives. In fact, he was born with a silver-spoon in his mouth.

9. The Cup's half-full! The country is in dire straits. It's all doom-and-gloom. The economy is tanking, everyone's losing their home, employment's in the cellar, national malaise is at an alltime-high. blah..blah..blah...No wonder he won't release his medical records. He's high as a kite! He, and his Liberal buddies are walking contradictions. They decry the government and say it's "not working" but then they turn around and call for more government?!?!?!?! They just don't get it.

10. Hyperbole, lies and covert operations! Obama has much to hide, apparently. He won't release his billing records while working as Tony Rezko's attorney. Rezko is now a convicted felon. Obama won't release his medical records. Even though he's openly admitted to long term drug use, his favorite doctor released a one page letter saying that Obama's health is fine. Obama won't release his senate records (his office says that they were 'destroyed'). Obama won't release the University of Illinois documents related to his stint with William Ayers when they both sat on the board of a small not-for-profit. And it goes on and on...one hidden land-mine after another. In the last few months he's changed his views, his fundamental views, because he knows he has to go to the center-right if he'll have any hope in getting elected. FISA, abortion, gun control and the death penalty are all topics that Obama has shifted his positions on within the last few months. A few years ago he was against the death penalty in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. He was in favor of partial birth abortions. He wanted ALL GUNS banned; without exception. He voted against every FISA initiative. Obama has changed his position on everyone of these issues now.

Bare in mind that Obama learned his lessons in political agitation very well. He and his team know that "the best offense is the best defense." They're busy attacking at all the negativity that is, rightfully so, being launched at him.

So based on his own writings, his associations, his voting record: here's what you'll get if you vote for Obama. You'll get someone who wants to expand government, open the borders and give illegals all the same rights at you and me, he'll put International precedent in front of US law, he'll treat the constitution as a "living, breathing document" and diverge away from the original intent of the founders. In short, you can expect to pay more in taxes, see less services and have less and less freedoms. He wants complete bans on guns: he believes that NO ONE should be able to own a gun. Expect to see more activist judges passing laws that by-pass the ballot boxes so that they can insert their Liberal worldview on all of us. He'll try to push through reparations and more and more welfare spending. He'll initiate funding the 1% who have defaulted on their home loans, while 99% of us pay for it.

And all this non-sense being spewed about Obama's father. Give me a break! Obama Sr. came to the US to get his degree when he met an 18-year activist. He knocked her up and then fled back to Kenya to join his Communist tribal organization. He then knocked up a few more women and had a bunch more kids. The Senior Obama then drank himself into ill-health and then died in a car accident. The truth about Obama's daddy isn't convenient to the Camelot illusion that the press is trying to spin so it gets no play.

28 August 2008

On the lighter side

I happen to stumble across this video of Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond. It's one of the smoothest jazz pieces I've ever heard. Desmond's sax is absolutely haunting.

Turn up the speakers and Enjoy!

25 August 2008

Obama Ad

This should sink Barack Hussein Obama's campaign.

Gang expert on Canadian gangs

From (From The Calgary Sun)

Calgary now has a gang problem. Violence and murders are up, and trending higher. The city wants to throw $25 million at the problem, primarily through hiring 201 more police.

"It's a predictable response -- you go after the problem in the same way as before, at a higher intensity, and it doesn't work," said David M. Kennedy, director of the Center for Crime Prevention at New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

"Generally, upping law enforcement resources makes no dent at all."

From my own experience, I would say that he's right. But having more police on the street does help quell violence but, what the expert doesn't mention is that the problem with throwing money at the gang problem won't help because the weak link in the chain is the courts.

The other day I ran a rap sheet on a 22 year old gang member. He's been arrested 56 times (54 misdemeanor, 2 felonies). He had ZERO convictions.

This is not an isolated incident. Most police know that the lag in addressing gang and drug problems lay squarely with the courts. The judges and States Attorneys don't prosecute misdemeanor cases anymore. It's all about the noelle prosequi. The thugs know that if they get caught with some weed, or drinking on the public way, or even flashing their asinine gang signs, the worst that will happen is that they'll be inconvenienced for a few hours. Big deal. They know from their experience that they can go to court and have their case dismissed before even making it through the little swinging door. That sends a message that there are no consequences to their actions.

So when police sweep in and start arresting gang-members, the shitheads know that they'll be out on an I-bond in a couple hours; and that the "case" they just caught won't ever go anywhere except out the door.

Again, from the Calgary Sun's article:

Kennedy says Calgary's gang- and drug-related violence -- tentatively linked to four deaths in the past month -- is "significant," and he says most cities naively fumble with the more-police approach at first.

"But it doesn't matter how hard you jump on them -- tougher policing makes no impact at all".

What works, says Kennedy, is an approach that targets the gang as a whole, not the individual members.

It's a radical strategy that's working wonders in cities like San Francisco and Cincinnati -- and Kennedy says it will work in Calgary, too, if city officials are ready to try a new approach.

First, city council and police officials must acknowledge that Calgary will never eradicate gangs.

And then -- and here's the really hard part -- an open discussion with gang members is required.

"You don't negotiate or cut deals, but it requires a direct relationship with the gangs," he said.

Once a dialogue is established, police must lay down the law about violence and murder, says Kennedy.

"The police must say, our promise to the next group to do this, we will punish every single member with every legal tool at our disposal -- we're giving you prior notice, so you know what will happen," said Kennedy.

It means a single gun fired by a lone gang member will see his comrades rounded up and charged for everything from driving violations to drug infractions to missed child support.

"When somebody hurts somebody else, the police go after everybody in the gang -- after a while, the group starts policing itself," said Kennedy.

The threat forces a gang to keep a low, non-violent profile or risk ruin at the hands of a police force who won't lay off on the arrests and charges.

Kennedy, who advocates assistance for gang members from social services and community leaders, says cities using his strategy have seen violence drop between 50% and 75% within a few months.

I don't agree with Kennedy when he says that more police equates with no impact on gang-member's actions. More police on the street will quell violence because if they're aggressive officers, they'll be making arrests for any observed infractions. Back to my point, getting the offenders off the streets for a time will help because they'll be in jail and not on the corner.

I imagine that this policy of Kennedy's is what we on the Chicago Police department call "Operation Just Cause". That is when a gang-member does something criminal, then the operation is called for a Zero Tolerance on ALL crimes committed by members of that gang.

A better long term solution would be to build more prisons and enforce the laws that are already on our books. Can you imagine what would happen to petty crime if "Pooky" knew that if he got caught throwing dice again he'd be looking at 364 days in jail and a fine of $1,000?

Another tactic that I favor is to cutoff public aid from people who are arrested and convicted of anything higher than a class A misdemeanor. Take away their money and they'll start acting like civilized people.

Personally I don't see Chicago seriously addressing its gang problems. The courts have taken away many of the polices' powers in pro actively engaging gang-members. We cannot sign Disorderly Conduct complaints, Reckless Conduct complaints and even drinking in the public way is getting scrutiny from the higher ups.

As our society gets more and more tolerant of crime, the courts are doing less and less enforcement.

But everyone continues to blame the police - thanks to the Media bias that continues to coddle every offender and their criminal history.

23 August 2008


The Anointed One has decended the mountain, gazed munificently over the enthralled masses at his sandaled feet and chosen his acolyte: Joe Biden.

Pardon my snicker but HA-Ha-HA-Ha-HA-Ha-HA-Ha-HA-Ha-HA-Ha-HA-Ha-HA-Ha!!!
This is like the Dukakis/Bentsen ticket all over again...

Oh boy this is going to be good!

Apparently no one in Obama's camp remembers the '88 presidential campaign when Senator Joseph Biden had to drop out of the race when it was shown that he plagiarized.


Biden comes to the table with a whole train-car full of baggage. Not only 2 failed attempts at the White House, but a list of gaffes and positions that seem insurmountable when placed in the context of a presidential campaign. Anyone remember the Alito hearings? Biden showed his true colors in that one where he took 30 minutes to ask 4 questions. One question was directed at Nancy Pelosi's glasses. He's not a polished intellect.

It's Biden's mouth that keeps getting him in hot water.

From Richard Cohen's op-ed in 2006:
The tragedy is that Biden, who is running for president, is a much better man and senator than these accounts would suggest. But his tendency, his compulsion, his manic-obsessive running of the mouth has become the functional equivalent of womanizing or some other character weakness that disqualifies a man for the presidency.

It is his version of corruption, of alcoholism, of a fierce temper or vile views -- all the sorts of things that have crippled candidates in the past. It is, though, an innocent thing, as good-humored as the man and of no real policy consequence. It will merely stunt him politically.

Meanwhile, Democrat election shenanigans are in full swing. Michelle Malkin reports that Obama campaigners in Milwaukee are using fraudulent tactics to register voters via ACORN. Gee I'm not surprised.

As most pollsters and pundits are saying, this is McCain's race to lose.

Go-Barry-Go! (right out the door and don't let it hit you on the way out!)

18 August 2008

Jerome Corsi on the Hot Seat

Jerome Corsi just published a scathing expose of The Anointed One - Barack Husein Obama.

Because he had the 'audacity' to question BHO's qualifications and shady past, he's getting hammered by the press (Obama's default PR Team).

Taking a page from the Clintons, Obama continues the name calling: (h/t Politico.com)

Jonathan Martin makes the point that the Obama campaign's vigorous attack on Jerome Corsi and his new book recall the Clintons' efforts:

Obama may decry the partisan rancor of the past two decades, but by launching a withering counter-attack against his enemies he's also aping one of the most effective elements within the Clinton arsenal. When they came under assault from the right-wing, they gave no quarter, responding with not just a vigorous defense but an equally vigorous counter-offensive aimed at discredting their enemies.

Books, in fact, were a bit of a Clinton campaign specialty, and as I wrote last summer, the campaign was devastatingly effective in burying a pair of critical biographies of Clinton by authors far, far more credible than Corsi (with claims, of course, far less sensational).

Notably, the Clinton campaign even took control of the books' media rollout, perhaps even leaking a copy of one to the Washington Post just before a holiday weekend. The dual aim: to define the books and the authors, and time the story for minimum impact.

Here, the Obama campaign took a different tack, really going after the book only after it seemed to catch on. While the campaign hasn't been able to keep Corsi out of the spotlight — he appeared on the front page of The New York Times and on CNN, among others — they have ensured that few of his appearances have gone without vigorous challenge.

Here's just one example of the MSM's twisted take on Corsi's book.

Buy the book that uncovers the truth behind this liberal goof.

And while we're on the topic of "Barry" Obama, now Oprah is throwing her considerable weight behind the erst-while non-Muslim-with-a-Muslim-father-and-Muslim-Name who wants to be president. Of course since she's black, she MUST support Barack Hussein Obama - nothing short of Identity Politics will do for the Big O and the other 98% of blacks who are voting for him SIMPLY BECAUSE he's black.

The Double-Standard Train keeps rolling along.

09 August 2008

Bernie Mac et al

Another one bites the dust.

"Comedian" Bernie Mac is dead. He was 50.

I'm going to go on a rant here so bear with me.

While I'm saddened at the loss of another person - I'm not sorry to point out to my erudite readers, most of whom already know, that most of these black comedians make it a point to denigrate whites as part of their routines. Bernie Mac, Wanda Sykes, Steve Harvey, Arsenio Hall, and Cedric the Entertainer all use whites as a foil for their comedic sets.

The double standard is appalling. Let's look at Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx, an award-winning black entertainer, publicly announced that "dog fighting is a cultural thing' in regards to Mike Vick's legal issues involving running a dog fighting ring. Foxx also publicly threatened to beat up Michael Richards, after Richard's tirade was broadcast.

Of course the press gave him a free pass on that one because if you're black you can be "angry" and that's quite alright, apparently. No such consideration is forthcoming for whites who are angry. Even the Annointed One said that whites are angry, bigots "who cling to their bibles and their guns out of fear."

Foxx, like most of these race baiters, seems to be projecting his own prejudices on other people. Have you ever noticed that people who cheat on their wives and husbands, are always the ones that are constantly accusing their significant others of cheating? It's a classic projection technique. Bigots do the same thing. They see bigotry everywhere because they themselves are the biggest bigots going.

Foxx openly declared that he had a "bitter hatred" towards whites because of an incident in his teenage years. Was he beaten by a group of Klansmen? Uh, no. The incident that sparked his Black Anger was that a white man used the word 'nigger' when referring to him.

Actor Jamie Foxx once refused to let more than one white person in his house at any time because he was so fed up of being treated as a second-class citizen because of his color. The star admits a racist incident when he was a teenager irked him so much he spent the next few years bitterly seeking revenge on white people.

He relates, "When I was 15, I went to play the piano for this white guy's Christmas party, but when me and a friend showed up we were told, 'I can't have two n**gers in my house at one time.'" Foxx had to send his pal home despite the fact he had driven Foxx all the way there, reports The New York Daily News.

Since then he started restricting white numbers at his party in a similar manner, telling pairs of guests, "You all will have to make a decision between you two." On his friends' advice Foxx recently changed his entrance policy, but he jokes that even at his most embittered he never set a limit on white women.

Foxx is a superstar. He's even being pegged to play James Bond in some upcoming movie portrayal of the famous MI5 agent.

But let a white comedian use a racial stereotype and the whole world gets in an uproar. Just google 'black comedians racist bigots' and you'll get 1,270 hits - most of them deal with Michael Richards' use of the "N" word during a show.


The point of my post is this: It wouldn't bother me in the least if white entertainers were allowed to reciprocate with blacks as the target of their humor. Because let's be honest, there's PLENTY of fodder there to poke fun at.

But we can't do that because everyone knows blacks can't be ridiculed. You have only to look at Jaime Foxx to see that humour is a One-Way Street.

07 August 2008

Go Cubbies!


My next poll question will be: Why are Sox fans such asshat hillbillies?

Cop pictures

"They hate us, til they need us!"

"Contact and Cover - Always!"

"Why isn't this hippy in the hospital by now?"

"Ticketed for Driving While White"

"I have no words for this one...except - Wow!"

"One less ShitBird on the streets!"

"Beat~n~Release: One part hippy, one part baton - repeat as needed."

"Badge Bunnies!"

"Donuts: An Army marches on its stomach!"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio coming to Park Ridge VFW

For those of you who are interested, I just bought my ticket to attend a book signing for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's new book Joe's Law.

The event is next Friday, August 15th at the VFW in Park Ridge. The VFW is located at the corner of Canfield and Higgins.

Come on out and show your support for Illinois Citizens for Immigration Enforcement.


Well kids. On today's menu we're serving up another helping of Barack: our very own down home recipe. It's low-cal, meatless, unappetizing dish with alot of spice but little nourishment.

I think it is rather ironic that the supporters of Obama coined the term "ObamaNation". The homophone is priceless, and no doubt lost on most of his cheerleaders.

An abomination means something that causes abhorrence or disgust. It is relevant to Barack Hussein Obama's presidential campaign on a number of fronts.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Hard-Left radical that is now attempting to position himself right of center. Since he's not very bright, he keeps forgetting to be consistent with his lies.

Even as I write this, Barack Hussein Obama is doing damage control because some legitimate investigative journalists have tracked down the elusive "Frank" that BHO wrote about in his autobiography. "Frank" is none other than Frank Marshall Davis - another "social activist", poet and leading member of the Communist Party USA.

(gee I'm sensing a pattern here with BHO's affiliations. can you feel it?)

From Accuracy in Media:
The influential Associated Press (AP) wire service has belatedly run a story about Barack Obama’s Marxist mentor without mentioning the smoking-gun evidence that the mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a Communist Party member. The dishonest story, which represents damage control for the Obama campaign, was written by AP writer Sudhin Thanawala.

AP is one of the largest news agencies and serves thousands of print and electronic media outlets.

Under the innocuous headline, “Writer offered a young Barack Obama advice on life,” the story calls Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) when it faithfully echoed the Stalinist line, merely a “left-leaning black journalist and poet” known for “leftist politics” and someone who might be accused by some of having “allegedly anti-American views.”

Davis was not a “journalist” in any real sense of the term. He was a propagandist and racial agitator for the CPUSA. He was also a recruiter for the communist cause.

Media Bias

The slanted AP story features quotes only from supporters or friends of Davis and Obama. But those picked to defend Davis are themselves interesting.

Ah Quon McElrath, identified as merely “a friend” of Davis’s and quoted by AP, was actually an organizer for the communist-controlled International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). The ILWU was led by Davis’s friend and associate, secret CPUSA member Harry Bridges. Davis wrote for a newspaper, the Honolulu Record, which was controlled by the CPUSA and subsidized by the ILWU.

McElrath is quoted by AP as saying, “You could get a lot of strength from a person like Frank who had suffered all the discrimination...that a black man goes through in America.”

Davis went to Hawaii in 1948 after consulting with Bridges and Paul Robeson, another secret CPUSA member. He was a mentor to Obama during the years 1975-1979 and died in 1987.

Obama supporter Dr. Kathryn Takara is quoted in the AP piece as saying that “Frank was part of a group of black vanguard intellectuals.” Takara was the associate producer of a program about Davis that, like the AP story, ignored his CPUSA affiliation. So while she knows a lot about Davis, she seems blind to the evidence of Davis’s service to the communist cause.

In fact, Davis was a hard-core but secret CPUSA member with a history of involvement in CPUSA fronts who was so much of a Stalinist that he opposed U.S. participation in World War II during the Hitler-Stalin Pact, but then supported U.S. involvement after Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Russia.

Go read the whole story. As Kincaid asks, did Davis recruit the young, impressionable Obama into the Communist party? Could Obama’s possible secret relationship with the CPUSA help explain why the first person ever to publicly mention that “Frank” was Frank Marshall Davis, and that he had a relationship with Obama, was Gerald Horne, a writer for a CPUSA publication? Was Obama, like Davis, Bridges and Robeson, a secret member of CPUSA?

AIM has had FBI FIA requests in for almost 6 months now. The files on Obama should be released. We, as American citizens, deserve to know the truth about The Empty Suit From Illinois.

And that reminds me: What qualifies Obama to be president? He hasn't done anything while senator. He hasn't accomplished anything while in public office. He wrote 2 books but those only served to pad his coffers. This guy can't even say anything positive about his own country, for Gods' sake! If you click on the video clip, The Annointed One responds to a 7 year old girl who asked him, "Why did you decide to run for president?" He goes on and on about how divided and terrible this country is. What else would you expect from someone who sucked at the tit of Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and James Hal Cone? If you listen to him, all he can talk about is what is wrong with this country. He never comes at anything from a positive, encouraging angle. What is striking is that this is coming from someone who never experienced any of non-sense he's spewing. This country has been good, VERY good, to Mr. Obama. You'd think he could find it in his heart to be a little more thankful.

The "America sucks" tirades are getting a bit tiring, no?

Well you're no the only one who thinks so. Barack Hussein Obama's poll numbers are plunging like Pamela Anderson's neckline. People are getting tired of hearing about the "community activist" from Illinois. He and McCain are now tied, according to Gallop.

Even that nitwit Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi's book has only sold 2,737 copies. Meanwhile, books about Obama's nefarious past are selling like hotcakes.

05 August 2008

Gang-member to be executed

Here is one very good reason to view gang-members as Domestic Terrorists.

Gang-member Jose Medellin is going to be executed today for raping, brutalizing and murdering teenagers Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena.

One of the animal gang-members who participated in the horrors (Cantu) awaits a death date. Here's why he's being put to death:

On June 24, 1993, the girls were at a party at a friend's apartment when they realized the lateness of the hour. Following the railroad tracks through T.C. Jester Park, they concluded, would shave 10 minutes off their trip to Elizabeth's Oak Forest home.

As the girls made their way past a thicket near White Oak Bayou, they stumbled onto the tail end of a drunken gang initiation. When they blundered into the group of youths, Medellin — 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighing just 135 pounds — grabbed Elizabeth and flipped her to the ground. Jennifer, drawn by Elizabeth's scream, turned to help and was herself captured.

As the teens cried and struggled, six gang members took turns raping them.

Finally, gang leader Peter Cantu told Medellin, "We're going to have to kill them."

Gang members Derrick O'Brien and Raul Villarreal looped a belt around Jennifer's throat, pulling with such force that the belt broke. Cantu, Medellin and Efrain Perez strangled Elizabeth with a shoelace. Then they stomped on the girls' throats for good measure.

Four days later, police, acting on a tip from a gang member's brother, found the teens' bodies, badly decomposed in the summer heat.

The victims were identified through dental records.

Here's the whole sickening story.

So when these gang-members are out drinking, flashing signs, selling drugs, beating, robbing, raping, fighting, shooting innocents...the ACLU is on their side; defending their "rights" ad nauseum.

Burn in hell, you piece of shit.

Victim shoots Robber

I'd love to see more of these stories in the press. Can you imagine how crime rates would plummet?

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04 August 2008

In memory of Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Nobel prize winning Russian author, has died.

Like Dostoevsky and Orwell - Solzhenitsyn showed vividly just how horrific a socialist state can be. He tore away the thin veneer of authenticity that covered Josef Stalin's reign of terror and painted a bloody and terrible picture of what life was like in the soviet Gulags. Like the Left in general, Solzhenitsyn showed that The State is concerned about one thing, and one thing only: Power. It uses its people as pawns and consolidates power so that the individual is blended in amongst the "collective."

That's why today we hear our own"heroic" Democratic Leftists using the same old slogans and rhetoric from Marx'sdas Kapital

What is the big deal? They, The Left, wants to take power from you and put it in the hand of bureaucrats. That's why you hear idiots like Obama talking about "economic justice" and pushing for more and more federal government intrusion. They want to dismantle private initiatives and set up their own "collective."

When Obama preaches about National Healthcare, or having the government take over big oil, that is exactly what they want. Government never invents anything: all they do is take over and then ration.

The Left's platform is straight out of Stalin's playbook.

I read "One Day in The Life of Ivan Denisovich" when I was a kid and I can still quote entire passages from it. It was a stunning portrayal, based in the author's own experiences in a soviet gulag along the Khazakstan border. The brutality of the soviet system was finally open for all to see.

One passage describes the morning where the men are forced to go out to dig fence posts. The main character tries to go to the camp hospital because the temperature is -70F and he is starving from malnutrition. He doesn't think he'll make it through the day. Reading the novel, you could feel the cold tearing through the rags as the workers chipped away at the frozen ground. Solzhenitsyn was brilliant.

Solzhenitsyn's magnum opus was The Gulag Archipelago.

If you're interested to see where our Leftist leaders are attempting to lead us, read The Gulag Achipelago or "One Day" and you'll see exactly the kind of mind-set that we're dealing with right now under Frau Pelosi and NOI-trained Barack Hussein Obama.

Here is the Sun's obit on him.

Here is a chilling interview with a Siberian gulag survivor.

History, it seems, tends to repeat itself.