23 July 2008

Sam Zell

Hat-tip: Joboja

The Tribune company is laying off people left and right in order to allow their new leader the luxury of paying off his $13 billion debt load.

In fact, one disgruntled employee is now blogging about the behind-the-scenes drama on his own website. The site is TellZell.com.

I have little love for the MSM. They just aren't doing much reporting these days. Much of what I read (online) is so much agenda driven drivel.

When it comes to crime reporting, they can't even be bothered to write up a decent description of the offender. We all know why that is - the journalists are the standard bearers of Political Correctness.

But, for those of us who came from a corporate background, I kinda feel for these guys.

Sure they've brought it on themselves but I remember all too well working in a multinational corporation and just how sterile and lifeless it was. The hours, the asshole bosses, the pointless meetings that were set up so some mid-level goof could spew his non-sense about the cost of clay pottery in Costa Rica...it was brutal.

And when they were downsizing, it was just like the scenes out of Office Space. The rumors, the innuendo, the water cooler huddles and the wild speculation. No one feels good about being let go and the boss always take the hit from the little people for the top-down decisions.

One interesting tidbit I read there was this. They're going to use universal copy desk software to be able to publish news stories from all over the place. A reporter in Orlando, Florida can log in and publish a story and it will appear in the LATimes and Chicago Tribune simultaneously. I don't know all the in and outs about what the papers do but this seems pretty efficient.

Doing more with less....sounds like the Mayor's idea of law enforcement.


Westcide Dog said...

The Chicago Tribune Blog is here!


Anonymous said...

He's just whining cause he lost his job. Another over paid pencil pusher out of a job. Maybe they can privatize the police force and save money there too.