18 July 2008

Obama makes NYer cover

Finally! Someone in the mainstream media gets it! They finally decided to drop the pretense and show "The Messiah" as he and his idiot wife really are.

NewYorker cover Obama

Yes obviously I'm kidding. The MSM does NOT get it and, probably never will. They're too busy working for the Barack campaign and trying to get him elected.

The LibTards on the View were falling all over each other to dismiss this artwork as "satire" - the problem with that though is that the the NY'er is indirectly attacking John McCain. The editorial staff at the New Yorker isn't saying that "Barry" is any of those things drawn, but that he's the opposite.

McCain however gets no such consideration from the MSM. We're constantly seeing stories about how McCain's age is a "disadvantage." Where are the stories about Barack Hussein Obama's age and the attendant lack of experience?

Well this t-shirt says it all:



They should've put a "free angela davis" button on the broad.....

Anonymous said...

Why do you slam the only candidate who will get America on the right path? The good old boy system has helped no one but the rich.

Anonymous said...

i cant beleive that theis muslim person beleives he has a right to the white house