28 July 2008

The Obama family tree

If you've ever spent time in or around high-crime, ghettos areas of a major urban area, you've no doubt seen the phenomenon of the "family reunion."

And to quote Hillary Clinton: You know what I'm talking about!

The matching t-shirts, the long baggy shorts, the faux sentiments of a cohesive family unit. I'm sure the sentiments are in the right place, but in execution it always comes off as a psychological exercise in over-compensation.

Well when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama, you'd be surprised that he's not forthcoming with his own dysfunctional family history.

ABC News tries to shake out the Obama family tree but it gets a little murky.

From reading the article, it seems that Obama's Dad had quite a checkered past. He never met a woman that he didn't knock up, it seems.

This just reminds me of all the hullabaloo surrounding Bill Clinton's "hero" single mother who fought every disadvantage to raise her two boys up "right." We all see how that turned out, and now we can see where Obama's big character flaw lies.

He's just a little kid, looking for a father figure, who never grew up. Just like Slick Willy.


Anonymous said...

thouught it extremely poor taste that while in berlin OBAMA went to Brandenburg gate and yelled at crowd ''eich bin ein SWARTZER Berliner'' just a thought on a mans sick mind and bad timing to say the least,

Anonymous said...

i dont want to keep paying for them.

Anonymous said...

a lovely photo of the tony barry fAMILY OF THE ENGLEWOOD BARRYS DONT YOU KNOW

Anonymous said...

Gives us mo linkum and guvment cheeses.We needes a new place to lives and turn into a rats nest.

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