28 July 2008

No more Michael Savage

I'm officially deleting Michael Savage from my blog.

I quit listening to him months ago but recently heard his scandalous remarks about Autism, and then had the audacity to try to spin what he said.

While Autism hasn't effected me or my family, I still didn't like his remarks.

I also got tired of his constant whining about his CAIR lawsuit, and the continual pleadings for money in order to fund his legal expenses.

I know he makes millions per year, and yet he can't cough up $50,000 to fund his own legal initiative against CAIR? Give me a break.

The constant talk about his past, his favorite restaurants, his Mom's meatball recipe, and his meanderings about other talkshow hosts finally pushed me over the edge.

I think he's got some personal issues that are bleeding over into his show and making him less and less attractive as a radio host.

I want a fast paced show that is full of facts and interactions. Savage's show has none of that. It's all about him and his latest money making scheme.

Au revoir, Michael Weiner.


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with these white guy talk show hosts? Please stop hiring these hillbilly's for talk radio. Get rid of that Jew Stern too. White folks are just too racist.


I too stopped listening to Savage some time ago. I often wondered why he felt a need to create a legal fund for his fight against CAIR.
In regards to consrvatism, Savage took the fight to the wrong people. He targeted Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly and labeled Fox News a liberal outlet. At times Savage made some good points but lately his rants have come off as nothing more than goofy.

Anonymous said...

oh yes savage has lost it .....I used to enjoy listening to him until he became so self absored

Anonymous said...

Just move on down the dial to 820AM!


Rue St. Michel said...

I do listen to 820am once in a while. A few months ago I had Randy Rhodes on and they were discussing Ronald Reagan.

She actually whispered into the microphone, "You know - he was a racist." She said 3 times.

It's all the Left has....slurs, baiting and name calling. You guys "emote" and we use logic. If you're going to build and maintain a stable society; which should be your governing function?

We've given the Left too much sway over our country the last 40 years. You can see where its gotten us. It's time to get back to basics.