23 July 2008

Take the poll


Anonymous said...

The mental on Altgeld is still on the loose. Why can't the caps office in 025 control these beat team problems?

Rue St. Michel said...

CAPS? Together we Can!

Westcide Dog said...

I like the poll Rue but it seems to be missing a few options. May I suggest a few late additions?

Video tape screenings of all "meetings" where Weis doesn't get a "reach around" from the Mayor.

Weis forgoes the CPD uniform and begins wearing a H.S. wrestlers uniform complete with skull cap at every public appearance.

Weekly jello wrestling contests between "Aunt" Bea Cuello and Helen DeWitt. Winner of the best out of 7 falls goes on to wrestle against Star Jones.

A lottery where a lucky CPD member can become a "Deputy Superintendent" or politically connected Reverend.

Rue St. Michel said...

LMAO! Oh my, those were funny!

I'll see if I can change up the questions....