14 July 2008

Illegal alien Voting Block?

National Review has a great article on the tremendous impact of illegal aliens who are being allowed to vote. Allowed to vote, you say? You might be thinking - Illegal immigrants aren't allowed to vote, Rue.

Au contraire!

After a grand-jury investigation of the 1982 Illinois governor’s race resulted in the conviction of aliens for illegally registering and voting, the U.S. Attorney estimated that there were 80,000 non-citizens registered to vote in Chicago.

In 1985, the district director of the Immigration and Naturalization Services testified in the Illinois legislature that 25,000 illegal and 40,000 legal aliens remained registered in Chicago.

The grand jury found that aliens registered so they could “obtain documents identifying them as U.S. citizens” and had used their voter registration cards “to obtain a myriad of benefits, from social security to jobs with the Defense Department.” More recently, Bexar County, Texas, found hundreds of aliens registered to vote, some of whom had voted in a dozen local, state, and federal elections, and Harris County found a Norwegian citizen who had voted in a state legislative race decided by only 33 votes. Similar accounts from other states such as Utah and Arizona demonstrate that this is a widespread phenomena.

ICE refuses to cooperate with election officials in verifying prospective voters. Isn't that nice - your Tax Dollars hard at work.

And you know the old game: The race-baiters and their cohorts, the LibTard politicians who pander to these immigrant groups, accuse everyone who challenges the enforcement of our voting laws of being racist xenophobes who just 'hate hispanic people.'

So the Feds curl up and quit asking, and the deaf, dumb and blind among us either don't care or don't understand the seriousness of this issue.

I personally spoke to an alderman's representative last year who told me that when they were doing walk-arounds in an unnamed neighborhood on the near-north side, that every home was owned by an "undocumented workers".

It is astounding that these law-breakers are hiding in plain sight and our government refuses to do a damn thing about it. Worse yet, our President and President-To-Be are open border scoundrels themselves.


Anonymous said...

What do you want the government to do? Start mass home invasions of "alleged" undocumenmted workers?

Ooops, forget that. I know you would be in favor.


Rue St. Michel said...

Hey - You've gotta start somewhere!

You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, right Lefty?

Anonymous said...

hey Left check into a cop named TONY BARRY you will be amazed