11 July 2008

Ike Carothers takes on J-Fed

(audio file courtesy of WBEZ)

Ike takes Jody to task for not doing enough to stem the violence at The Taste. He also points out Jody's inexperience and tactical blunders; such as pulling 21 out of 25 district commanders. He rightly points out that J-Fed has never been the police and, therefore, doesn't know about manpower deployment, crowd control and troop morale.

The most pathetic part of the interview was when Ike said,"I don't even know who the commander of the 25th district is. I couldn't tell you."

Sadly the troops in 025 couldn't tell you either. They went from having a solid D/C in Juan Rivera for the last 4 years - a D/C who actually went out on the street and made arrests - to a desk jockey from 014 who couldn't be bothered to meet and greet the guys and gals on his watch. The desk jockey is now acting A/5 Deputy Chief and someone else from 014 is now the D/C.

The audio interview is a must-hear! Good stuff ...


Anonymous said...

So what did you expect to happen in the land of useless toys.(025) And remember, no personals outside the district! And fill out those tickets right or they will be kicked back!

Rue St. Michel said...

First, you probably meant Land of Forgotten toys - a reference to the movie Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.

Second, what did I expect? I expect alot of things. I, and the guys in 025 expect their new D/C to come to all 3 roll-calls. Is that too much to ask? I could go on and on but I won't .

neil bergstein said...

Does fat ike really want to do this? If jfed had balls(?), all he has to do is bring up and ask how did his brother get promoted thru the system.

Anonymous said...

025 is a cesspool, why would anyone with time want to stay there? Look at the Abbate bar caper. They want to fry the officers who did the paper. They say the officers covered up for Abbate.