02 July 2008

CPD Officer Murdered

As SCC and the mainstream news reported, Chicago Police Officer Richard Francis was murdered by a black female offender in front of A/3 headquarters last night. Apparently the offender is from Detroit and was here for some god-knows-what nefarious reason.

My thoughts and deepest prayers go out to his friends and family. This is a terrible, senseless loss and one which always tears me up whenever an officer is killed in the line of duty.

This tragic story shows that all officers need to be keenly aware that anytime, anywhere danger can be lurking.

The Dept of Justice keeps track of Law Enforcement officers killed LOD. Here is a list of situations in which POs were killed...all are from 2006.

In the 10-year span of 1997 through 2006, 562 officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty.

* 38 years old—the average age of the officers who died from felonious attacks.
* 11 years—the slain officers’ average length of law enforcement service.
* 45 of the officers killed were male.
* 38 of the victim officers were white; 5 were black; 1 was Asian/Pacific Islander;
and 1 was an American Indian/Alaskan Native.

* 12 officers died in 2006 as a result of felonious attacks during arrest situations.
* 10 officers were fatally assaulted when ambushed.
* 8 officers were killed when responding to disturbance calls (e.g., bar fights,
family quarrels), and 8 officers were killed while conducting traffic pursuits or

From 1997 to 2006, there were 633 known assailants to law enforcement. I just noticed that of the 633; 355 were White and 260 were Black. It's interesting to note that the FBI appears to be obfuscating the fact that Hispanics commit crimes. Hispanic offender data is being commingled with Whites so that it appears that Whites commit just as much crimes as Blacks. You can view the table here.

Well this is no time for a rant on the leaching political correctness that is endemic to our culture and government. That is for another time.

God speed, Officer. If you're in LE, please be careful out there. Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity what type of holster did this officer have? Since he was an old timer was it one of those sideways hanging deputy dog revolver holster? See lots of cops who don't update their gear. Level 3 holsters should be mandatory for all police officers.

Anonymous said...

God rest his soul !

Rue St. Michel said...


This is just my intuition speaking; but since Officer Francis had 27 years on, he was probably carrying a revolver. Many of the veterans I work with are reticent to update their gear when they're so close to retirement. It's unfortunate.

I agree with SCC though, the second-guessing isn't the right thing to do at this point in time. The tactics of the situation will be discussed at the appropriate time.

At this point I've heard that the whole thing happened very quickly and Officer Francis followed procedures in dealing with his assailant. It seems to be that something terribly wrong occurred in order for the offender to get his weapon.

Only time will tell.

RIP Officer - may Angels cradle you and protect your loved ones at this terrible time.

Anonymous said...

So whats up with the pictures of his dog and motorcycle? A mid-life crisis perhaps? Did his old/lady dump him? Was he chasing some of those female bimbo cops that seem to fill that districts ranks?

Anonymous said...

I worked with him in happier days. Yes, he was a revolver guy and yes he took himself seriously enough.

The incident is on film, thanks to surveillance cameras on CTA buses, and it clearly shows he was attacked as he took a few steps toward the shooter. First responding car was on the scene at about the thirty-second mark. Second car arrived within the minute.

The shooter was a homeless mental patient, who spent hot nights sleeping in the station, as the law requires. She was known to us. She outweighed him by about a hundred pounds and ran at him.

Second guessing is pointless. We now live in a society where people feel they can raise a gun to the police without repercussion.

And no, you ignorant know-nothing. He was happily married, working mids so he could spend days with his special needs younger stepdaughter (who he NEVER referred to as 'step', not once). He was a genuinely decent guy.

Midlife crisis? So, having a dog or a bike indicates midlife crisis? You're a psychologist now? Those were the first two photos his friends could come up with in the hour after the shooting, probably pictures out of somebody's locker. God, I wonder what someone who did a psychoanalytic post-mortem on YOU in the hours after you died would falsely accuse YOU of.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe they couldn't use those pictures of him with the Admiral strippers like the cop in 017.

Anonymous said...

the author seems to show bias first towords africans and also females though it may just because the data he was able to get didn't have female values.
Regardless, we are all people and should respect that we are all equal in the eyes of death.
may his family find peace
thank you all public servicemen/women who potentially sacrifice their lives.