25 July 2008

City of Chicago Ignores Constitution

Today's Chicago Tribune reports that "Da Mayor" and his cronies are going to continue to violate the US Constitution.

City Corporation Counsel Mara Georges told a City Council committee Thursday that she's prepared to fight those lawsuits all the way to the Supreme Court.

"Chicago's gun ordinance was not invalidated by the . . . decision. Three prior Supreme Court decisions have found that the Second Amendment does not apply to states and municipalities," Georges said. "The decision did not change that case law."

Georges said she's confident that the U.S. District Court will dismiss the gun lobby lawsuit challenging Chicago's existing laws.

So your city leaders are vowing to keep legal gun ownership out of reach; a direct contravention of the Second Amendment.

Even though the supreme court upheld the rights of citizens to legally own a gun, the city knows better than you. The city, in all its faux-wisdom, has decided that you don't have a right to defend your home, your family, or your own life. You are just alittle cog in the wheel of Socialist Chicago and you must abide by what the Politburo at 121 N. Lasalle decides is good for you.

I wonder if Mayor Daley's sycophant, Mara Georges, even lives in Chicago? Out of curiosity I ran her name through ZabaSearch and found this record. I don't know if this is the same Mara Georges that works for Da Mayor but it wouldn't surprise me to find that she gets to live in the suburbs. The rest of us are required to live in this louse-ridden city, but apparently if you're a civilian apparatchik for "Da Mayor" you can live where ever you want.

Oh, and the "Da Mayor" can continue to shield illegal aliens - again in violation of Federal Laws.

It must be nice to be King Richard Shortshanks! Now go back to work, serf.


Anonymous said...

See its all the Supreme courts fault! They should have upheld cities gun law rights. Now they are responsible for the gun battles happening on city streets.

Rue St. Michel said...

Roscoe - Do I have to follow SCC's suit and ban you from this blog?

Just kidding...I'd never ban anyone from my site. Everyone has a right to their opinion and, like the Libs used to say:"I may not agree with you but I'd fight to the death to defend your right to say it."

Anonymous said...

How about the state having a power test to get your FOID card? You would have to do it upon every renewal of the card. Would this not help get America back into shape and to make sure such are physically fit for firearms use? After all we are supposed to be the militia right?