04 June 2008

Obama cartoon


Juan Williams, writing for the Wall Street Journal, makes a great case that Obama needs to do more; no one is buying his claim that he was "absent" when Jeremiah Wright was God-damning America. But I'd like to point out that now Obama supporters can be proud that their candidate supports Racists (J. Wright), Bigots (M. Phleger), Terrorists (W.Ayers) and Convicted Felons (Antoine Rezko). Y'all must be so proud!

No purpose to this post except to remind you that the ignorant, naive, unskilled and do-nothing racist Senator from Illinois deserves your utmost distain.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

He is a typical black person . If he can say it about his grandma . I can say it about him.

Anonymous said...

Five months (or so) from today we'll be referring to Obama as "president-elect." Get comfortable with it. Personally, I believe the Democratic Party is not progressive enough and will probably go third party.

Despite the racist rants of many who oppose Obama he will still be elected. You guys will then have four years to complain about the weak economic condition of the country, even though it is being brought about by YOUR president.


Anonymous said...

I wish a reporter had the guts to ask Obama:

1. Did he ever take advantage of any quota programs to gain admission to college or law school.

2. What, if anything, did he accomplish when he supposedly worked as a community organizer in Roseland? Can he even find Roseland on a map of Chicago?

3. What was Attorney Obama's most memorable courtroom victory?

4. Was he really a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, or was he merely an adjunct part-time instructor?

Coldtype said...

Ahh, race-neutral America. I have no idea what Rev Wright was carrying on about.

Anonymous said...


Rue St. Michel said...

Hi Coldy -

Man, that was probably the shortest post you've ever put up. Congrats on your newfound self-restraint. Ha...ha...

But seriously, the only people in the US who are 'race-neutral' are whites.

The black leaders don't wnat to be race neutral because then they'd have nothing to be 'angry' about, n'est pas? They want to hold on to their Black Liberation Theology. They're not interested in being neutral - they want the full Monty! If Jesse Jackson would publicly announce that white racism was gone, then he'd no enemy to domonize.

Anonymous said...

wait and see the 19th ward asswipes will be campaning their asses off for the big GINGER PUSSY to put the black guy in just watch and da peoples will vote for a watermelon if its got democrat and free lunch written on it