04 June 2008

GOP'ers Fed Up

If I had to ask myself what keeps me up at night, I'd say illegal immigration. Hands-down it is the biggest Trojan Horse that we're facing right now. If we don't get our borders secured, then our future as a unified United States of America is finished. It is that simple.

Say the words Fronteras, idioma y cultura to a Mexican immigrant and he'll smile. He understands that those 3 concepts are what holds a Nation together. Borders, Language and Culture. Spanish won't preserve our national sovereignty because we'll eventually just become Mexico's Northern province.

Those who support "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" are those who want to keep the heat OFF of illegal immigrants and the people who hire them.

In today's MSNBC, there's an article discussing the immigration sweeps in Iowa. They're the largest ever done.

An application and affidavit for the search warrant at the Agriprocessors Plant alleged that:

* Based on 2007 fourth-quarter payroll reports, about 78 percent of Agriprocessors' 968 workers were using false or fraudulent Social Security numbers in connection with their employment.
* Agriprocessors was notified by the Social Security Administration in five separate letters of 500 Social Security number discrepancies for each tax year from 2000 to 2005.
* A Department of Transportation investigation found that an Agriprocessors supervisor was forcing workers to buy cars from him and allegedly registered the cars under falsified identities. An investigator found at least 200 cars were bought in this manner.
* The Iowa Department of Labor uncovered workplace safety problems including 39 citations since last October. Fines of around $182,000 were reduced on Tuesday to $42,750 after the company agreed to correct some of the violations, which included improper storage and handling of hazardous chemicals and inadequate training in the use of respirators and handling of blood-borne pathogens.
* Allegations of child labor law violations are under investigation by the state. The investigation was initially halted by the ICE raid, but have resumed, said Iowa Workforce Development spokeswoman Kerry Koonce. If confirmed, the violations could be prosecuted as misdemeanors under state law.
* Occupational Safety and Health Administration logs show records of incidents that led to five amputations, dozens of reports of broken bones, eye injuries and hearing loss at the plant between 2001 and 2006.

1/3 of the employees at Agriprocessors were illegal aliens. Did you notice that Social Security number 'discrepancies' went back to 2000? What the fuck has the government been doing for the last 8 years? There are hundreds of thousands of citizens who have been victimized by these thieves and liars, all in the name of "Cultural Diversity".

And on that note, where are our elected leaders on this? We know the Democrats will not and have not done a damn thing about illegal immigration. But the Republicans aren't doing any better. McCain is an avowed supporter of Amnesty for Illegals (NO ILLEGAL LEFT BEHIND!) But the RNC is silent on the issue - on almost EVERY issue.

No wonder that many Republicans may sit out this election. I certainly don't blame them. Bush and McCain are not interested in supporting conservative principles, nor conservative legislation. They want the world to love us - at any cost. McCain has crossed over and become a "greeny" for chrissakes! He's so uninformed that he actually thinks man-made Global Warming is a fact. Ugh!

"The Republican Party doesn't represent me anymore," longtime Republican voter Joseph E. Ayers, 57, said recently while grabbing lunch at an Amish market in this rural hamlet.

Mr. Ayers, an investment consultant, said he was disgusted with President Bush and Republicans in Congress for allowing massive government growth, runaway federal spending, escalating energy prices and a costly nation-building mission in Iraq.

"We were betrayed by Bush in a lot of ways," he said, adding that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain of Arizona lacks the conservative mettle needed to repair the damage.

"I won't vote for McCain," he said. "I might not even vote at all. That's the way it looks now."

That interview could have been with me.

What's most maddening is that Bush, McCain and the Open-Borders handwringers don't umderstand just why we conservatives want immigration laws to be enforced.

The ever-brilliant Heather MacDonald offers us an illustrated example:

By 2050, the Latino population will have tripled, the Census Bureau projects. One in four Americans will be Hispanic by midcentury, twice the current ratio.

It's the fertility surge among unwed Hispanics that should worry policymakers. Hispanic women have the highest unmarried birthrate in the country – over three times that of whites and Asians, and nearly 1 ½ times that of black women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Every 1,000 unmarried Hispanic women bore 92 children in 2003 (the latest year for which data exist), compared with 28 children for unmarried white women, 22 for unmarried Asian women, and 66 for unmarried black women.

Forty-five percent of all Hispanic births occur outside of marriage, compared with 24 percent for whites and 15 percent for Asians. Only the percentage for blacks – 68 percent – is higher. But the black population is not going to triple over the next few decades.

The only bright news in this demographic disaster story concerns teen births. Overall teen childbearing in the U.S. declined for the 12th year in a row in 2003, having dropped by more than a third since 1991. Yet even here, Hispanics remain a cause for concern. The rate of childbirth for teens from Mexico, part of the fastest-growing immigrant population in the U.S., greatly outstrips every other group..

And it goes on and on and on and on .... Call or email your representative that we want our CURRENT immigration laws ENFORCED!

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