06 June 2008

D-Day Honors

Today is the 64th anniversary of the Battle of Normandy, or D-day.

It was the first time in 9 centuries that an invasion force had crossed the English Channel and landed on French soil. Many of you who saw the movie 'Saving Private Ryan' know just how savage and brutal the battle was. Allied troops were forced to rappel upwards along the beachfront while German gunners fired openly at them.

The transports that carried the men to the beach were known as "Murder Holes" because of the high rate of killings that occurred when the front door/ramp was deployed.

The one thing about that time is that notable is that no one denounced the president for the loss of "national treasure" at Normandy. Not one politician screamed "No blood for Truffels". No one used the battle to undermine our initiatives at defeating Hitler. There wasn't a "John Murtha" around to call our soldiers "cold-blooded killers".

Yes it was a different time, a time when commonsense and patriotism were the rule - not the exception.

As a sidenote, Google showed just where their loyalties lie today by using their website to shunt visitors over to a Diego Rivera collection. Besides the fact that Rivera - also known as "The Frog" because of his portly and grotesque appearance - was a drunk and a womanizer, he is Mexico's only 'famous' artist. So why would Google decide to promote this heathen over the memory of the thousands of US Troops that died in battle at Normandy?


Because it is easier to pander and appease the invaders that are conquering you now, than it is to remember the brave men who fought to keep this country free - and english speaking.

God Bless our Troops, and the memory of their service.


rosco said...

France wants an increase in Aid for the upkeep of the beach side graveyard. Pay or the bulldozers come and new condos to be built.....


Well said RUE. Your the only(or 1st)of the SCC blogs to run a post on D-Day.
The History Channel is running recreations of events of D-Day since this morning. AMC showed the Longest Day on Memorial Day, dont know if they'll show it today.
Very historic and important day. If that invasion failed, you and I
could've been speaking German today; and most of our Bush-hating
jews would be lampshades.
I wonder what Hitler had in mind for the "brutha" populace of the world?

Anonymous said...

Comparing the invasion of Normandy with the invasion of Iraq is plain crazy. The brave men and women of today's Army are being used by the present Commander-in-Chief. The brave men 64 years ago were fighting for freedom of much of Europe. The invasion of Iraq is not an invasion of honor.


Anonymous said...

tony barry much vaunted turkey officer and Dublin asshole never made it to the army he ran away and changed his name and became a sgt in IAD is this a great country or what

Anonymous said...

tony barry much vaunted turkey officer and Dublin asshole never made it to the army he ran away and changed his name and became a sgt in IAD is this a great country or what

Anonymous said...

yeah lets be an english speaking only country. So you can take that stupid bienvenue and change it to welcome there asshat. Take your beret and shove it too. patriotism starts with you, you don't have to wear it on your sleeve all the time. I served in the Marines and i remember all the great battles fought for this country. Never forget and by the way i'm Mexican so GFY.

Rue St. Michel said...

Hey Marine - thank you for your service, if you did indeed serve.

And you're right - you don't have to wear your Patriotism on your sleeve but it'd be nice if we saw at least some of it from time to time from your immigrant Las Moches countrymen.

How about seeing some US flags flying in the Mexican neighborhoods that I patrol. I can count them on one hand around this time of year.

And yes I think that it'd be very beneficial for this country if English was spoken by everyone. I don't see initiatives in Mexico to make everyone speak Spanish.

Next time, asshat - go to the store and get a clue before posting on my blog.

Au revoir, goph-aire!