15 May 2008

Mexicans Not Assimilating

Well it takes a Think Tank study to codify the obvious: Mexican immigrants are lagging behind their counterparts in assimilating into American society.

And why is that? Because so many of them are here illegally! They converge on an area and set up their own stores, watch their spanish language shows, hang out with their spanish speaking friends and work where other spanish speakers are working. They shop and eat at restaurants in their neighborhood. There is literally no reason for them to learn english because everything they need is available in spanish.

The report by the Manhattan Institute is a definite insomnia cure. It is replete with scores, mathematical models and regression analysis.

CNS News cut through the morass of data and mined some nuggets:

The study used census data from 1890 to 2006 to look at how close foreign-born immigrants look to the native-born population.

Immigrants from Cuba, Vietnam, and the Philippines rank near the top, alongside immigrants from Europe, Australia and New Zealand, as the quickest to acquire English, become naturalized, climb the economic ladder, intermarry with native-born Americans and become involved in American civic culture.

In fact, they are making faster progress in the melting pot than other immigrants -- or immigrants from any other periods of history.

"Today's immigrants are making more progress in assimilation because they are assimilating more rapidly," Vigdor said. "They are starting out with a disadvantage, but they are making up for that disadvantage at a rapid pace for the most part."

But Mexican immigrants, he said, are the exception.

"Immigrants from Mexico are not exhibiting the same patterns as immigrants of other nationalities," Vigdor said. "They are assimilating more slowly over time. We see this particularly in terms of their economic and their civic assimilation."

Mexicans -- by far the most numerous nationality of immigrants -- lag significantly behind other groups, Vigdor said, largely because a lack of legal status keeps many Mexican immigrants from advancing economically.

Certainly the flood of illegals is the major factor to the lack of assimilation. But what enables it is our societal psychopathology; which we like to call "Multiculturalism."

For a good look at where we're headed with these insane Liberal policies of political correctness and cultural diversity, this is a great interview with Mark Steyn. He bitch-slaps three Muslim "intellectual" cowards into submission.

Check out The Agenda: What's wrong with Mark Steyn's WorldView?


Anonymous said...

Its the way it is now. You don't have to be an American. You can still fly your own flag. You can celebrate your countries national days and march down our streets. The English language is not required. All phone and various other equipment is avaliable in your language. You can demand that all Americans learn and use your language while sing services here. Ain't it grand...... P.S. Learn Spainish Gringo's!

Anonymous said...

What's with the hating thing again with the the Hispanics? Didn't we go through this thing last month?

I'll quote you here:

"They converge on an area and set up their own stores, watch their spanish language shows, hang out with their spanish speaking friends and work where other spanish speakers are working. They shop and eat at restaurants in their neighborhood."

Like the Europeans who came here in the late 1880's through the 1950's did not do the same thing? They set up their own communities with their own Catholic churches for each ethnic group. Some within blocks of each other.

I know, I know. You'll whine they spoke the English. Who cares? If you don't go into their neighborhoods to shop or eat it shouldn't bother you. As long as they are law-abiding citizens it does not affect your job either.

The point is they do the jobs the white man (and his kids) won't. They pay taxes (if their WHITE employee takes out taxes) and contribute to society.

Oh yea, the Manhattan Institute, of you you cite, was founded by William Casey (yes he of CIA fame) and some Brit knight who was a Libertarian. Gee, think ya could have found a less conservative guys?

There are bad in good and all groups. Give them a break, Rue-y. I still like though, buddy!


Rue St. Michel said...

Hi Lefty -

Well that's the entire point, isn't it? The study shows that Mexicans shouldn't be compared to other ethnic groups as it relates to assimilation.

Our language and culture isn't being absorbed by this group, in relation to others and to those who came via Ellis Island.

What we're dealing with is a huge number of folks who are coming here to work (and do SOME jobs US citizens won't do - yes) and what they want is to enjoy the economic fruits of our society but they aren't interested in embracing the spirit of what it means to be American. They're bringing their quasi-Marxist/Socialist governing style with them and just not doing anything active to assimilate.

Have you cruised through or worked a Mexican neighborhood? What stands out is the number of wrought iron fencing that surrounds the block. Have you spoken to residents in these areas? I have. It's not uncommon for them to live there 15, 20 or 35 years and NOT know their next door neighbor(s). They work, come home, raise their kids and then go back to work.

Another issue is that we have dolts crossing the border. Many are illiterate, uneducated and unwilling to put forth the mental effort at going back to school to learn english or develop skills.

So if you want to continue to parrot the PC non-sense fomented by our MSM; go right ahead. But we are headed down the road of becoming a third world country. With the border drug wars at New Laredo you can see what's on the horizon for us. It is dismal because the new immigrants aren't interested in continuing "American values" as we've had for 250 years - they're just plunderers and ravagers; generally speaking.

And yes I'm painting them with a broadbrush ....

Anonymous said...

"What's with the hating thing again with the the Hispanics?"

Again, the liberal attacks with his ultimate PC wording, i.e., "hating." Opposing illegal immigration does not mean you hate somebody.

The differences between the immigrants of yesterday and the Hispanic immigrants of today are enormous, but just look at one:
An immigrant from Germany in the 1800's had to learn english. He could not go to school and demand to be taught in German. He could not go into every bank, every government office, and into most businesses and be provided every convenience courtesy of his own language.

What's the big deal, you say? CPS teaches school in 200 different languages and it is among the world's worst school systems. Teaching in different languages does not improve our education system.

And since Hispanics no longer have to go to school to learn English, history, geography, math and science, they go to work instead. That's great for them because they need those three jobs that pay $4 an hour. However, they never get an education, therefore they are stuck in a wide-spreading underclass that mirrors the economic circumstances that ruined their country of origin.

So they have come here, only to repeat and recreate the failed society they fled in the first place. Look at the countries where these people come from and you see the United States of the Future.

Anonymous said...

my dad came out from Sweden in 1916, jumped ship in Wilmington Deleware and made his way to Chicago to be near cousins in Andersonville, worked crumby labor jobs on building sites till he learned brick laying but all along picked up English, ww1 came along under age went to France still a illegal if you will. got gassed in Meuse sector of france came back home 18 years old a vet, applied for citizen got it. we said pa you didnt have to go to war why did you. his answer was this country was very good to me and the ppl in it, we kids never learned Swedish but kept pas promise that America was good to a young Swede kid who jumped ship in Deleware THANKS PA