03 May 2008

Dragon Skin body armor

Although the streets of Chicago aren't as dangerous for police patrols as the seedy streets of Iraq, the men and women of the Chicago Police Department and the nation, are seeing an increase in hostile offenders who are armed with "body armor defeating" weaponry.

It's a dirty little secret that the City of Chicago won't purchase the proper equipment to keep the nation's second largest police force up to date. Officers routinely encounter obstacles to doing their job adequately and safely. These include unavailable patrol cars, cars without a PDT (computer), radios that are defective and insufficient body armor.

The body armor that most officers wear will not stop a rifle round, or an armor piercing projectile.

To help in this respect, Pinnacle Armor developed a revolutionary body armor system that is made entirely of ceramic-type circles that are stitched together and overlap like scales.

The vests are light and extremely flexible. The company's Level II vest, which will stop rounds with muzzle velocities of 1350fps weighs about 16 oz.

I called the company to get a price but they're closed on Saturdays. A review of their website shows no mention of price. I googled it and found that price for Pinnacle's Level IV armor is about $5,000 - I'm sure the Level II mentioned above is about half that.

There is some controversy about this product. Apparently the US Army won't approve it for its fighting forces because "it failed a ballistics test." That's interesting because the Army banned it in March of 2007 but didn't actually test it until May of 2007. They won't say it but I will: The government doesn't want to spend the money! Contracts always go to the lowest bidder.

There's a rumor that the reason the gov't won't get it is because there is a new body armor coming out that is made with a liquid that only hardens when struck by a high velocity projectile. Apparently it is comparable to the 'liquid' suits used by Olympic skiers.

The City, despite its lip-service to its First Responders, would rather pay a few lawsuits to officers killed in the line of duty than front $2000 per officer for a vest. As it is, every officer must buy his or her own equipment - gun included. A newly hired officer can expect to spend $5,000 of his own money on equipment. The City gives you your first vest but you pay for any additional ones and for any upgrades to the freebie.

With Daley and his cronies fleecing their constituents with the highest taxes in the nation, while crying poor everyday, Hell will freeze over the day we get anything of quality.


Anonymous said...

They'll find money for extra red light cameras though. The mayor does not like the police and we know that.

What's the excuse though for our Commander-in-Chief not demanding the best for troops? The vests will get plenty of use since we'll probably be there at least another two years, no matter whom is elected.


Anonymous said...

You want this armor? Then go but it. The city gives you a uniform allowance check 3 times a year. So go use that money for what its for. Quit spending it in Vegas or on the boats.

Anonymous said...

Ever wear this armor? Its heavy and hot. Most cops would whine about it.

Rue St. Michel said...

Hey 8:57 - Go fuck yourself, you self-righteous prick!

My duty availability and uniform allowance go to pay my inflated property taxes - all because I HAVE TO live in this lousy city.

Since our CBA requires us to live in Chicago, the city should provide us a stipend to cover the costs of living here.

Anonymous said...

Huh? You should not try to live above your position. Cops are blue collar, like a factory worker. Who says cops should live in houses? Go get a 2 bedroom apt.

Anonymous said...

Even if the city bought this armor for everyone, lots would still wear the old stuff. And the typical det. would just throw it in the trunk as usual. Oh, and add a power test for it too. We don't need to buy for fatties.

Anonymous said...

Who is the 8:57 and 1:57 guy? What a clown, probobly some fat turd who got rich of this stock market before it crashed, talking about blue collor people like he's better, sounds like the average spoiled america these days...fat and sassy...