25 April 2008

Patricia Cornwell Steals FBI Agent's Wife, Agent Wants Revenge

I'm going a bit off track from my usual political rant with this news item out of the UK DailyMail.

Patricia Cornwell, the best-selling crime novel author, could have written the script to her own true-life crime drama.

She meets a married FBI couple in order to get information on FBI tactics for one of her books but falls in love with the wife, and seduces her. When the wife drops the bomb on hubby and says she's leaving him for Cornwell and taking the two kids, he flips and creates a devious plot to get his revenge on her.

Here's the whole story.

I enjoy her writing and was blown away by her "Jack The Ripper: Case Closed" book where she went to extraordinary circumstances to prove that Walter Sickert was the real Jack The Knife. She made a compelling argument.

Just thought I'd share this story with other crime novel fans out there.

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