28 April 2008

Jeremiah Wrong

When I first heard Jeremiah Wright's selected sermons, a light bulb went off over my head. It finally hit me - the mysterious reasons why young black men hate the police, hate their country, hate whites, and refuse to take care of their communities.

The reason was driven even closer home today as Jeremiah was allowed to spew his weird "theology" in front of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

I had the unfortunate luck of driving down to court this morning and had to listen as WLS lives-streamed the whole thing. It was like a traffic crash - I couldn't help but listen to how far this clown would go to justify his insane rantings.

And apart from getting standing ovations from the NOI plants in the crowd, Wright's attempt at humor was anything but.

At one point he claimed that "black children learn differently than european children" - ie. Eugenics has reared its ugly head once again. After all, you can't very well say that black children learn in the same way as whites, or that blacks have the same opportunities of learning as whites; because that would presuppose ceteris paribus. That would acknowledge that blacks, and all Americans, have an equal chance at succeeding in our country. He went as far as saying that blacks and whites are different genetically.

Well, Jeremiah doesn't want people to believe that they have control over their own lives! If they thought for a moment that they could work hard and attain anything they wanted, why would they continue to populate Wright's pews? He wants his congregation ignorant and gullible because that is how he makes his money.

Meanwhile, while Wright whined about "being in chains" his whole life, he's busy having a $1.6 million dollar home built for himself in a predominantly white neighborhood. Hhhmmmm......it seems that there is a dichotomy here.


Jeremiah also took advantage of his new found publicity to insult the Irish, implying that they're all drunks. He also imitated JFK, using a phony Boston accent.

Well now that the Genie is out of the bottle, people are starting to pick up on vibe that BHO is nothing more than an articulate clone of Al Sharpton. His poll numbers are plunging.

This guy is the poster-child for everything that is WRONG with the black community. There is no self-reliance, there is nothing more than finger pointing and blame-gaming. He doesn't wrap himself in the flag - he wraps himself in the cloak of Victimhood.

No wonder the black community is drowning. It's because of people like Jeremiah Wright that refuse to show them where the life preservers are.


Anonymous said...

If Obama loses, get those dirty diapers to throw at the police! In fact lets start saving those diapers so during the summer we can throw them at those racist cops!

Anonymous said...

That means u will change that baby diaper more than once a day or two, Yes I have seen plenty of those poor baby's in shit encrusted diapers. And u are full of it because they baby mama's calls them pampers! BTW, I am getting mighty sick of paying for the pampers (and everything else), and so are alot of of other taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Rue-y, I'm glad to see you are there to counsel the black community on what and who they should listen. I would think neo-cons (I hate that term) like yourself would jump for joy every thing Rev. Wright appears on television. Polls say each Rev. Wright appearance is another bonus for McCain who is supported by Rev. Haddock (sp.?) the Catholic-hating preacher. (How come the media does not explore that one?)

The fact is most white Americans have absolutely no idea on what goes on in the black community. They also bury their head in the sand on the unlevel playing field between blacks and whites.

I got to see Rev. Wright's q and a session with the press club. Yea, some of the stuff he says is a bit of a reach, but he tells the truth on most stuff. You just have to listen.

Anonymous said...

Ooops I should have written it was Rev. Hagee. His slams on the Catholic Church (he calls it a whoremonger) are known but rarely covered. McCain was estastic over his endorsement. Where's the conservative outrage over that one?


Rue St. Michel said...

Hey Lefty -

Someone has to inform the black community on where the disconnects lie. Because they're sure not getting any valuable information from their pulpits if most of them are spewing J. Wright's "hate America" screes.

And I did listen to almost one full hour of his Press Club harangue and it was embarrassing. He shouldn't be given any media exposure but, as they say, sunlight is the best thing for cockroaches: they scurry away and got back to their holes. That's just where J. Wright belongs.

And you don't have to "live in a black community" to know and understand where the problems are and how to fix them. Look at all the 'activists' who've spend hundreds of millions of dollars on 'revitalizing' ghetto neighborhoods and all they did was revitalize their own bank accounts.

Nice try though....keep coming back for more spankings, Lefty.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rue-y!!

I noticed you ignored the part of my post about the racist Rev. Hagee who was backed the GOP candidate. As the old saying goes folks in glass houses shouldn't.....

That's the way of the conservatives though. Do as I say not as I do. There was Rev. Jim Baker, Newt Ginrich, the list goes on.

You'll ignore the Rev. Hagee thing though. Just as the news media has paid it little attention.

Anonymous said...

well thruth be known sorry fellow cops the catholic church is the whore of babylon mentioned in the good book

Coldtype said...

Ahh yes, when ignorance is bliss it sure is grand. Who knew that, contrary to Rev. Wright’s assertions, that Negro slavery was a net POSITIVE for African-Americans. Sure we all understand how the slave-holding class got on right swimmingly with the whole deal, but now we learn that “liar” and “revisionist” Rev. Wright has been trying to suggest that America’s 300+ year love affair with the highly profitable institution of slavery (as well as an additional 100 years of Jim Crow) has left systematic and pervasive institutional racism as its vestigial legacy in our society.

Yes, SOME people like to make a big deal about the fact that though the US comprises only 5% of the world’s population, it houses 25% of the world’s incarcerated persons. And yeah, of that quarter total, nearly 50% of US prisoners are of African-American descent though this ethnic group accounts for only 8% of the US population. Our prison population constitutes a staggering 2.2 MILLION--most of which are for non-violent drug offenses. The raw number of US prisoners outstrips that of China, a nation with five times our population and barely the pretense of a democratic society.

Now SOME may conclude that the above facts coupled with studies that have for decades consistently shown disparities between African-Americans and whites in every quality-of-life category, from life-expectancy to education-funding to housing discrimination to work earnings, indicates a pattern of discrimination. Well, in spite of what the evidence suggests, I say (and apparently SCC agrees) POPPYCOCK! Evidence, shmevidence.

Rev. Wright is WRONG DAMNIT! How dare he question the motivations behind our serial invasions of other countries! Doesn’t the man know that had we not killed those 2 million Vietnamese, Ho and his minions would have rowed their canoes across the Pacific and destroyed our nation brick by brick? LBJ had no choice but to invade the Dominican Republic in 1965 after its citizens foolishly voted the “wrong way” and elected a damn leftist. Didn’t they understand? WE decide what form of government people may construct in this hemisphere, which is something the Haitians STILL haven’t learned after all this time. Are you listening Chavez?

What? There’s no evidence that Iraq, the nation we invaded and destroyed after 9/11, had anything to do with 9/11? The WMD thing was fiction? Who cares! And Rev. Wright is WRONG I say for even suggesting that anyone should. Do we obsess over the insects we inevitably crush during the course of our daily lives? Then why on earth should we do so over the fate of nominal people like those dusky Iraqis? Get a grip Rev.

*Not that anyone really gives a damn but Wright sat down with Bill Moyers the other day and spoke at length about the “controversy” surrounding his positions.

PS: SCC bitched up over this post and wouldn’t publish it.

Anonymous said...

To 8:06 AM

I gotz plenty o dirty diapers to throw at dem police.First I go finds a cop on panama to throw dem at.SMELLY!!!

Anonymous said...

There go the real issues. All the racists and bigots raise their ugly heads and voices and trade hateful remarks. The countries real problems are swept under the rug and we do not know where anyone really stands. This country is not ready for a Black President. After these clowns are sorted out the next President may well be an Hispanic. We are taking over as the fastest growing minority soon to be the majority.

Anonymous said...

Yea Coldie, it's that great America know-how. We know better what other counties want than they know themselves.

Don't forget the soon-to-be (I hope I am wrong) conflict in Iran. I can't remember. Were they our friends, then enemy, then friends, and now enemy? Or were they our enemy, friend, enemy and enemy? I forget. Mr. Bush?

P.S. The SCC says he is open to debate but when anyone on the opposite side presents anything of substance he refuses to publish it. At least our pal here, Rue-y, has not been that close-minded.

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

Neil Steinberg did a live stream yesterday morning from the Sun-Times newsroom. It was not publicized, that I know, probably because he was affair of police response I bet. Some police officers texted him questions on his treatment of police in his columns.

The first 45 seconds is mute because of some technical problem. Bet it will be in tomorrow's column. Here is link:


Anonymous said...

Rev. Wright typically a blck reaction to rejection. He surmised he would be Obamas spiritual adviser and political confidant and on tv and traveling with Obamas entourage but being typical black he resorted to envy and jealousy typical and then did the mean thing to bring the man down knowing his rantings would hurt Obama, saw it time and again in the ghetto mentallity