05 April 2008

Islamofacists caught in UK


Aaaaahhhhhh ... the faces of Peace, Kindness and generosity. Can't you just see the luminescence of love flowing out of their almond colored eyes?

That's how you'd see them if you were a LibTard Multiculturalist.

Well these "young men" are just a few of the 18 Islamic sociopaths who were planning on bringing down 7 commercial jets in Britain, in the name of Allah.

Investigators estimate that 2,000 people would have died, had the Islamofacists succeeded in their plots.

More on the story over at JihadWatch


Anonymous said...

well for one i think they are nice looking young men and cant tell book by the cover and only allagations at this time thanl you JAMES CARROLL

Anonymous said...

any further word bout father Plegler and the other two black guys caught breaking into the car in ryans woods

Rue St. Michel said...

Nothing yet. I'm waiting to see if something hits the news about it.

Anyone have a CB# on it???

Anonymous said...

911 happened because of the failure of the U.S. security systems in place here. Most crime is the fault of the police. They don't patrol areas properly, thus break ins or shootings occur.

Rue St. Michel said...