04 April 2008

Illinois drowns in morass of Democratic policies

O' my prophetic soul!

SCC, myself and some other police bloggers have been telling anyone who would listen that the Democratic economic policies in Illinois are a disaster. Cops are very good at understanding human nature. We interact with people constantly and, after a few years, you learn a few things about how people behave.

The police officers who work in ghetto districts (007, 011, 015 and 025) get to see what we have gotten for 40+ years of welfare and entitlement programs: more and more poverty.

That is because politicians ignore the primary law of nature: Whatever you subsidize, you get more of.

2007 and 2008 have been especially maddening because we've had to endure the pleadings from our politicians that they need more money. They've had their hands out lately because Illinois, Cook County and Chicago are bleeding their citizens dry with toll roads everywhere, higher sales taxes and creeping real estate tax rates and taxpayers are leaving the state in record numbers.

In the quest for more information on how Illinois ranks with other states, I found this Gem.

The report compares the economies of all 50 states. Illinois, if you go and read the entire 144 page report, is in serious trouble.

The big winners in this interstate competition for jobs and growth have generally been the Southern states (Dixie) and those in the Southwest region of the country, such as Nevada, Idaho, and Arizona.

The big losers have been the traditional rustbelt regions of the Northeast and Midwest. The demoralizing
symptoms of economic despair in the declining states like New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and New Jersey include lost population, falling housing values, a shrinking tax base, business out-migration, capital fl ight, high unemployment rates, and less money for schools, roads, and aging infrastructure.

Illinois ranks 45 in outbound migration. Over the last 10 years, Illinois has lost 727,000 people. On 16 differnt criterions, Illinois ranks overall 48 on State Economic Competitiveness rankings (2007).

WIth more and more Illinoisans crossing over in to Indiana to buy things, the study's authors found the following. They tracked beer consumption state-by-state:

"The biggest loser in this cross-border drinking was Illinois, which lost 4.5 percent of its revenues due to its residents purchasing beer out of state. The state lost $8 million in revenues because 4.8 million cases of beer were imported into the state by residents of the Land of Lincoln."

Here is a snapshot stats about floundering Illinois. Read it and weep:

Keep voting Democratic and we'll see more of the same.


Anonymous said...

Its just a ghetto state. Let Cook county become its own state, most of the state's money comes from Cook.

Rue St. Michel said...

As I heard one commentator say,"Illinois would have been better off with Mariah Carey making economic policy!"

How true...