25 April 2008

DePaul professor ignorant on crime

SCC posted on this item. National People's Radio (NPR) ran an interview with DePaul Assisant Professor Greg Scott in which the professor displayed his utter ignorance on why we're seeing a spike in street violence in Chicago.


Aside from looking like the cross-dressing sexual psychopath in "Silence of the Lambs", I'm sure Professor Scott has some sort of basis for his hypothesis. He claims to have 13 years of working with gangs, including ride-alongs with tac and gang officers.

But during the interview, I had to ask myself, "What is this dude smoking?" Scott claims that these groups of "teens" are "drug crews" - not really gang-members but just kids out looking to make money. He says that typical "drug crews" roam in groups of 8 to 10. Certainly in some situations that is true but not of the 30+ organized gangs in our city. MLD, Latin Kings and ViceLords are highly organized and use violence to protect drug spots or, simply to avenge some sort of insult that their tender "machismo" endured. And they certainly engage in random violence simply to "terrorize" their communities. It's the oldest tactic known to man. Even the Roman Emperors had a saying for it: "Let them hate, so long as they fear."

In my book, street gangs are urban terrorists - not misunderstood, underserved "youths."

Scott actually said that the spike in violence wouldn't be ameliorated by increased numbers of police officers on the street because such "destabilization" tactics actually "cause" violence and conflict. That's like saying guns cause crime.

The most outrageous comments are those that SCC talked about: That in his experience guns come from white middle class citizens downstate and, and that the financial district in the downtown area supplies drugs to the south and west sides of Chicago.

Yes he is certainly clueless about drugs, guns and crime. I'm not surprised that he's an assistant professor - our academic halls are rife with these types of cerebral desk-jockies who are disconnected from the sources of their fallacies.

I have some friends who work in HIDTA and NAGIS. Ask any of those officers where the majority of drug traffickers are coming from and they'll tell you that the vast majority of inbound narcotics are coming from Mexico. It's the biggest no-brainer in the history of earth.


Anonymous said...

"It's the biggest no-brainer in the history of earth." Are you stealing lines from the Lincoln Financial commercial.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rue. The gentleman you discourteously admonished based on your personal analysis has near to twenty years of experience in this area. And yet you feel confident enough to discredit him with only your feelings about the matter. I do hope you decide to put your thoughts into actions, and decide to challenge gravity as well. The higher the better. PROVE your point!

Rue St. Michel said...

I'm sure he does have 20 years of experience but 20 years in academia doesn't make you an expert. My point is that he's pontificating from his Lakeview office, and not from living, working and dealing with these "youths" day in and day out.

If you were the police you'd understand.

I stand by my original post.