08 April 2008

Cop Killers Parole Hearings

In our current FOP newsletter, there is a snippet about upcoming parole hearings for Three Cop Killers. The Illinois Prisoner Review Board has scheduled hearings on Wednesday, April 16 at 26th & California for the matters of these scum.

The matters before the board are for the murders of the following pollice officers:

* PO Herman Stallworth, of district 003, murdered in 1967
* PO Anthony Rizzato of unit 157, murdered in 1970
* Sgt James Severin, of unit 157, murdered in 1970
* PO Patrick Crowley, of district 006, murdered in 1976

These animals don't deserve to see the light of day. If you're free, please plan on attending the parole hearings.


Anonymous said...

They all have served their time. They have served more than the average sentence in Illinois, let them go.

Anonymous said...

F you, 8:11, they have not served their time until they are no longer breathing, as they caused these POLICE to no longer breathe!

Anonymous said...

Why not let them go? The victims would all be dead by now anyway.

leomemorial said...

Their families are not dead.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Free them, they were framed by the racist cops!