07 March 2008

Leftist Attacks Escalating

The bombing at a military recruitment center in downtown Manhattan yesterday highlights the desperation to which Leftist agitators will now go to in order to get their "no war" message across.

Michelle Malkin has been on top of this issue for over a couple years now. She wrote a nice recap on where the Loony Left is going with their organizational violence.

The cowards, like Cindy Sheehan and her minions, within this segment of our society know no bounds and have shown they'll do whatever they can to get their twisted ideas out into the mainstream. It seems every generation has their own version of Hippies.

And Hippies always end up in jail with their ass kicked squarely in.


Anonymous said...

I think it is conservatives who are trying to make the anti-war people look bad. Don't laugh. Both the federal and Chicago police have a grand history of doing this. I think it was a CIA operative.


Anonymous said...

They got to ban those guns.

Rue St. Michel said...

I sincerely appreciate the daily visits and the commentaries. Seriously. I mean that.

The conservatives don't have to do a thing to make the anti-war goofs look bad: they do it all by themselves! The CIA certainly could have pulled this off but, the question would be Why?

There are just too many conspiracy theories floating around (Loose change and the other 9/11 truthers...etc) and it doesn't serve the common good to go launching off into some weird fantasy that our own government is damaging property, exploding buildings and murdering its own citizens.