08 March 2008

Just another Universal truism

I'm RDO tonight and I just finished my 4th glass of a spectacular 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon by Sterling vineyards (napa, ca.). For a Cab it is pleasantly oaky on the nose, with a finish of black currants, licorice and a hint of cigar. I highly recommend this one.

I happened to stumble across an article on the recent murder spree in Israel. Which one, you ask? There seems to be one almost every week somewhere in Israel. The latest one occurred in a school. The shocking thing is that the perps were interrupted by a private citizen who owned a gun and came to the rescue.

It happens millions of time every year - worldwide. Someone with a gun prevents a crime from occurring. That is one less victim and one less successful criminal.

This wonderful little article tackles the question of why gun ownership by private citizens is not only important, it should almost be mandatory! Go over to Hogs on Ice and click here to read it.

Good stuff.

ps. Obama took the night off so 'The-Universal-Hope-For-All-Of-Mankind' didn't have to get up in public and talk about nothing. Whew! It's alot of work having to say, "Hope. Change. Hope. Change. I have hope. I want change." over and over and over again.

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