05 March 2008

Happy Birthday Chicago!

A streets and san truck rolled down my block this morning and I noticed that the city seal of Chicago said, "Incorporated March 4th, 1837."

So happy birthday Chicago.


Anonymous said...

I commented on this yesterday at work, including the fact that there was no mention of said birthday in either newpaper/rag. Now a tough question, what do the stars and stripes in the Chicagl Flag stand for?

Anonymous said...

The two stripes are for the two branches of the Chicago River.

the four stars represent the Fort Dearborn Massacre, the Chicago Fire, Columbian Exposition of 1983 and the Century of Progress Fair in 1933.


P.S. There is no truth to the rumor that the stars are red because of a Communist supporter

Anonymous said...

when the white settlers came they screwed the indians lil known fact that indian govt agent was a Sheamus D Daley who sold govt contracts to eastern establishment cronies while giving the indians diseeased blankets and rancid beef for huge plots of land now encompassing present day loop area some things never change

Anonymous said...

Woooo! does this mean we will get another type of ribbon. I want to look like a Mexican general!

Anonymous said...

Ask Jimmie Curry, he knows about fancy ribbons for your uniform.