28 March 2008


Islamofacists have won another victory in their battle against freedom, democracy and Western Civ.

The boys over at Live Leak pulled an anti-Islam video from their archives after their staff was threatened with head-lopping, by irate Muslims.

The Jawa Report has a copy on its server, and so does No Pasaran!

It's only a 16+ minute movie and it is a real eye-opener. Just as we saw the vile, nauseating pabulum being spewed by Jeremiah Wright, that was nothing compared to the vitriol being launched by radical Imams (or just, Imams - the radical is implied).

The man-behind-the-film is outspoken Dutch politician Geert Wilders. If you want some background on this Dark Knight and his crusade, Der Spiegel did a great write-up on him.

"Fitna is the last warning to the West. We can choose to pass freedom on to our children or allow our freedom to sink into a multicultural swamp," he says forebodingly.

Did you put the old feelings of 9/11 behind you? Be prepared to be angry all over again.

Nazism was defeated in 1945, Communism in 1989 - Islam is the next Totalitarian threat that must be neutralized before the flames of chaos engulf the world.

At the rate that Muslims are breeding, it is only a matter of time before they have the numbers to fulfill every filthy fantasy that that pederast poseur Mohammed wrote down in 635 A.D.


Anonymous said...

Its all the more reason RUE, we should make friends w/the Chinese and their 4or5 billions(?). Those islamo-f*ks were recently badmouthing everyone including the Buddhists.
I can just picture millions of screaming Asians w/their machetes
going after these pricks.
There's alot of reasons I dont like these islamopukes. Ever seen an islamo "steam & cream"?

Anonymous said...

I just saw that islam has overtaken Catholics in worldwide numbers.
These liberal pukes like Cindy Sheehan have no idea that the first thing they would do to her is put her in a burka, rape her and then cut her head off

Anonymous said...

have sex with Cindy Sheehan are you out of your mind id rather have sex with Sgt, Kevin Barry hey wait i think that can be arranged