11 March 2008

Cime and Leftists

If you have eyes to see, you have seen how Liberals and Leftists refuse to inculcate criminals with any responsibility for their actions. The press, politicians and academia bend over backwards to make up excuses to rationalize away a criminal's behaviors.

Thomas Sowell writes a great little article about how the Left coddles criminals and ignores victims:

For more than two centuries, the political left has been preoccupied with the fate of criminals, often while ignoring or downplaying the fate of the victims of those criminals.

So it is hardly surprising that a recent New York Times editorial has returned to a familiar theme among those on the left, on both sides

of the Atlantic, with its lament that "incarceration rates have continued to rise while crime rates have fallen."Back in 1997, New York Times writer Fox Butterfield expressed the same lament under the headline, "Crime Keeps on Falling, But Prisons Keep on Filling." Then, as now, liberals seemed to find it puzzling that crime rates go down when more criminals are put behind bars.

The way to reduce crime is to make sentening stricter and to institute the death penalty for capital cases. It's that simple.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, without the left to kick around, us few in number, the rightist would have to actually blame their own for the problems brought on by their forefathers.