29 February 2008

Gunplay at Marist High School

Chicago police were called to Marist High School (4200 W. 115th st.) on 14-Feb-2008 because a 15-year old black freshman brought a handgun to school and displayed it in the boys' lockerroom. He allegedly discharged it out on the football field when other students doubted that it was a real gun.

The student has been expelled, although the school refuses to comment on the story. Other students have heard that the student obtained the gun as a "gift" from his father for the "student's protection."

I think that this story deserves some public attention. The fact that this kid brought a gun to a catholic school and then was not arrested for it is an outrage. What message is this sending to current students and their families?

Beat 2241 was dispatched to the school on Valentine's Day. The job (event# 0804509956) was coded 19H - the school was advised to recontact police if they decided to arrest the "young man."

Marist has done a wonderful job pressuring news outlets from publishing negative news items. For example, former teacher James Brienzo was arrested in a child sex sting operation but it was never mentioned in the press that he was a long-time Marist high school teacher. Even this Oak Park Journal news item fails to mention this salient fact:

Brienzo, who the OPRF school board has decided not to rehire, was arrested in January after allegedly contacting what he thought was a 14-year-old boy to set up a sexual rendezvous and made lewd advances.

Instead of a teenager, though, the contract was a Wisconsin Department of Justice agent. Brienzo was charged with sexual assault and child enticement.

Brienzo, 46, was hired by OPRF in August, 2000, taught math to freshmen and sophomores and was a coach for some sports teams..

Brother Anthony Iazetti was arrested in Florida after he propositioned an undercover officer for sex in a public park.

More than anything else, these two stories highlight to what extent the Marist school administrators will go to bury embarrassing news items that put the school in a bad light.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised - The Catholic Church herself is a veritable sarcophagus of buried secrets. If you have a child attending Marist high school, I suggest you call Mr. Pirkle at 773.298.4500 and demand that some public statement be made by the school about this incident.

22 February 2008

Officer escorting Hillary dies in accident

A Dallas motorcycle officer escorting Hillary Clinton's motorcade in Texas was involved in a single vehicle accident and has died as a result of his injuries.

RIP Officer. My deepest condolences to you, your friends and your family.