16 January 2008

This explains alot

[H/T Rush]

There is a scientific foundation as to why the elderly vote overwhelmingly Democratic: their brains change as they get older and make them susceptible to lies, frauds and poor decision-making.

That covers about 80% of all Democrats.

In a series of tests they tried to identify common traits among seniors who had difficulty making decisions and spotting anything misleading to determine what makes them vulnerable to deception.

"Our research suggests that elders who fall prey to fraudulent advertising are not simply gullible, depressed, lonely or less intelligent. Rather, it is truly more of a medical or neurological problem," said Natalie Denburg, a neuroscientist at the University of Iowa.


Anonymous said...

You should not be allowed to vote once you are 65.

Sid Hudgens said...

C'mon, Mr. Constitution. Get your head out of your a**!

By the way Rue, this is Sabian. Down low, on the QT, hush-hush.