11 January 2008

Pentagon Specialist on Islam Fired out of Political Correctness

Bill Gertz of the Washington Times reports on a disturbing development within the intelligence ranks of those charged with fighting Islamic extremists and the war on terror.

The Pentagon's sole specialist on Islamic law, Maj. Stephen Coughlin (USAR), was confronted by Cmdr. Hesham Islam (USN ret.), an Egyptian-born, Arabic-speaking Muslim. Cmdr. Islam is an aide to the Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England.

According to Mr. Gertz, Mr. England's interlocutor and confidante confronted Stephen Coughlin seeking "to have Mr. Coughlin soften his views of Islamist extremism." Note the irony in this choice of words. "Islamist" and "extremism" — like "Islamofascism" and other euphemisms —are words that draw a PC curtain over mainstream Islam. They effectively shield the religion and its tenets from the scrutiny necessary to assess the ideology driving our jihadist enemies. Of course, lifting that PC curtain on Islam and its jihadist tenets is precisely the effect of Stephen Coughlin's Pentagon brief. It goes against what political correctness tells us; it also goes against what Islamic advocacy groups tell us.

So now the PC crowd are wallowing around inside our own Pentagon now? Cmdr. Islam is unable or unwilling to recognize that "his community" is cultivating a horribly violent and intolerant culture, a culture that is spreading like wildfire (mostly inside prisons).

I hope that publishing this story will throw some light on the situtation within the intelligence community. We cannot afford to have such politically correct "niceities" at work within our intelligence services. If a muslim is working there and doesn't like the fact that someone, correctly, identifies Islam itself as the problem with world wide violence and tyranny, then he doesn't belong in intelligence because he obviously has none.

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