11 January 2008

Ousting Dick Durbin

Illinois senator Dick Durbin is up for re-election this year. If there is a God in heaven, Durbin will be removed from his senate seat this November with extreme prejudice. He's been a terrible senator and an embarrassment to Illinois.

He's shown himself to be an Open Borders, Big Government panderer, who has no grasp of foreign policy. I remember reading a piece on him right after he defeated Al Salvi. One of Salvi's campaigners saw a man wearing a Durbin button on his shirt while attending a rally. Salvi's man approached and said, 'You know Durbin is pro-choice." (Salvi is pro-life).

And the man didn't blink an eye when he responded, "No he isn't - he's pro-life." The campaigner just shook his head because that was happening all over Illinois. Durbin was just telling local groups of voters exactly what they wanted to hear. In any other situation you'd call it lying but with Durbin, not being truthful is just part of campaigning.

If you need a brief reminder of what a disaster Dick Durbin has been, here is a recap of his voting record:

* Voted NO to S1927 - the amendment to the 30 year old FISA legislation which authorized intelligence authorities to monitor foreigners suspected of terrorist activities. The amendment passed without Durbin or Obama's votes.

* Voted YES to HR976 - the State Children's Health insurance Program. The bill passed and takes away $60 Billion dollars from Illinois taxpayers in order to fund insurance programs for uninsured children. Isn't this the job of the child's parents? Why are we footing the bill for this? Oh yeah - I forgot: it's because Durbin wants an already burgeoning Federal Nanny State to get even bigger!

* Voted YES on the Comprehensive Immigration Plan (HR 1585) and YES on the cloture motion to keep the bill moving through committee. Durbin and, his political identical twin Barack Obama, both voted to extend rights and entitlements to illegal alients and their offspring, including the Dream Act, which gave illegal aliens tuition breaks for college. Remember that even war veterans didn't qualify for the goodies that Durbin and Obama wanted to extend to illegal aliens.

* Voted YES on HR1591 - which hardwired a deadline for troop withdrawl from Iraq.

* Voted YES on SJ Res 9 - another attempt of liberal democrats (this time Harry Reid sponsored it) to get a phased "redeployment" of US Troops in Iraq (ie. cut and run diplomacy).

* Voted NO on HR6061 - Secure Fence act of 2006

* Voted YES on HR810 - to take more of your money and push it into stem cell research.

* Voted NO on SJ Res 12 - voted against an amendment on desecration of the American flag. Durbin felt it important to take a stand on this one so that Libtards, hippies and 'artists' could have full protections if, and when, they decided to urinate, defecate or impune the flag of the United States of America. Thanks Dick!

* Voted YES to the gay marriage amendment (see Vote 163 on cloture motion)

* Voted NO on HR4297 which would have extended Bush's tax cuts to you.

* Voted NO to Sam Alito for Supreme Court justice. Also voted NO to John G. Roberts for Chief Justice.

* Voted NO to cut $40 Billion from Federal programs for welfare, child support and student lending programs. (see Vote 363 on the motion.)

* Voted YES on HR2863 which banned cruel, inhuman or 'degrading' treatment of detainees held by US forces at Camp Xray (Gitmo). Durbin also characterized our troops as nazis and that Guantanamo bay was like a "soviet gulag" - clearly Durbin has no grasp of history nor of what types of threats we face as a nation. here is the link to his comments on the senate floor.

* Voted NO (S256) to make it more difficult for people to declare bankruptcy.

* Voted NO to tort reform and to curtail the ability of plaintiffs to file class-action lawsuits against corporations by making cases that were filed in multiple states the responsibility of the federal courts.

Steve Sauerberg, Mike Psak and Andy Martin are all GOP contender's for Durbin's spot.

Let's hope this will be the last term for Dick Durbin. Illinois already has enough fat-cat, big spending, tax-You-to-death Democrats.


leftisthebest said...

If Dick Durbin is so bad how come the GOP cannot find a decent candidate to oppose him?

Andy Martin has run for office a few times in GOP primaries; Mike Psak is a truck driver (an honorable occupation) with no experience, and Dr. Sauerberg has no political experience at all.

I do not care for Durbin on a lot of things but he has opposed this debacle in Iraq for quite a while.

Face it my brother on the far right, the Republican Party in the city of Chicago and County of Cook is in shambles and the state GOP is not far behind.

As for one misguided voter on the abortion issue, that is not what should be used as a basis for selecting the candidate. Heck, the Republican voter in Illinois has been misguided for years.

Rue St. Michel said...

Dick Durbin IS bad. The GOP does have decent candidates to go up against him but The Machine in Chicago trumps downstate initiatives.

And, I hate to say it, but Illinois voters who vote for people like Obama, Daley and Durbin are utterly clueless and quite simply, stupid.

Look at what we face in Chicago: Daley asking for 275 million, Huberman asking for 350 million, and the Stroger asking for millions - all for their pathetic boondoggles. They can ask for the sky and the moon because, historically it is a FACT that Illinois voters will NOT penalize a politician who raises taxes or increases big government programs.

Durbin is a slick politician. He knows what to do to stay in office but having personal interests above those of the health and welfare of US citizens is a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Dick Durbin should be indicted for crimes against the United Stated and the Citizens of Illinois