31 January 2008

Obama "most liberal" senator

Barack Obama was ranked as the most liberal senator, based on his voting record.

I know folks like leftisbest and coldtype are probably saying,"So what?" right now because 'true evil' can only encorpulate in conservative republicans. Liberals are always good - in their minds.

The problem I have with the current liberal lineup is that the Liberal Movement has been hijacked. Liberals from the past who I respected; like JFK - were strong on defense, big on smaller government and genuinely wanted to help the middle class. Look at Kennedy's "Ask Not" speech....do you think anyone on the podium will ever give a speech that will be as memorable as JFK's?

Hardcore Marxism has infiltrated the Left. It is that simple.

The Left has adopted, consciously or not, the language of Marx and Lenin. Language is being censored. People are afraid to tell what they really think and feel out of fear of exile. University students who are conservative cannot air their beliefs to Liberal professors out of fear of receiving a lower grade. Class conflicts are being invented and fomented. Government is seen as a panacea and the nanny state keeps getting bigger and bigger. The government intrusion into our lives is getting more and more invasive.

So if you like winding down the road to Orwellian Totalitarianism, keep voting Democratic. As I posted back in July of 2007, Barack is an empty suit with nothing but platitudes to offer a desperate and hopeless voting base.

He wants to legalize marijuana, he wants to give drivers licenses to illegals and all he wants is big government to get bigger.

No thanks.


leftisthebest said...

The liberal movement has adopted the language of Marx and Lenin? Where? The so-called left has moved to the right side and not the left.

The Clintons surely are not leftists. Barrack may be an "empty suit," but that is better than the "empty mind" of our current Commander-in-Chief.

When a true progressive, such as Dennis Kucinich, is off and running he is largely ignored by the so-called liberal press. They no more want a progressive than the man on the moon.

No Rue-y, the hopeless voting base is the neo-cons who blindly follow your president without question. Look what happened, 4000 American lives lost.

The left has not "invented" class conflict as you claim. Conflicts were fomented by the rich members of the GOP (and some Dems too).

Class struggle has always been here. Open your eyes my comrade, unless you are rich, which I doubt. The rich care not a bit about you, and that includes this president.

stay safe

Rue St. Michel said...

Dude ....

Most of the time all you do is take the complete opposite of what I write and throw it back to me.

Where has the Left moved to the right?

Were they going right when they wanted to roll back FISA? Were they going right when they pushed terrorists (Ramsey Yusef) into a Manhattan District court for "terrorism" - where open court and discovery showed our enemies that we were tracking overseas cells using cellphone tracks? Has the Left moved right in their screams to get us out of Iraq? And they do foment class conflicts, using their apparatcheks in the MSM. Moneyed' people are always demonized as thoughtless, uncaring authoritarians. Certainly that is true of some but not all. In fact the rich are carrying this country and have been for a long time.

They pay MORE than their fair share and that is unquestionably accurate. Just look at the Federal Tax collections. Something like the people in the top 10% of income earners cover 60% of the collected tax base in the US.

And the Clintonoffs aren't Leftists? They certainly socialist policy views. What was (is) Hillary's healthcare initiative? Nothing but big government and wealth reallocation.

And I don't question Barack or GW's intelligence. I think they're both smart guys it is just their policies which I detest.

Stop being a poleznye idioty. Put down your autographed copy of Das Kapital and get hip to the scene.

Insane Siesers fan said...

So whats wrong with weed? It should be decriminalized. Or just make it a simple fine and make some money off the offenders.

leftisthebest said...

Wooo! My comrade in blue, take a chill pill.

I don't disagree with everything you say, I just scrolled the past month's entries and found, okay, I pretty much took the opposite end on all of them. Yet, I did not do so simply to disagree.

Perhaps what I should have written is so-called "liberals" of the Democratic Party have settled on simply supporting "Democratic" programs. Where are all the promises Nancy gave us when she assented to the throne? Left behind, I am afraid to say.

What I should have gotten across is that "liberals" in the Democratic Party have not gone far enough to the left.

Furthermore I have stated the rich of either political philosophy should do more. In regards to the Clintons. Talk to folks on the far left. They also do not think they are enough liberal.

If you have an autographed copy of Das Kapital I would be happy to take it off your hands. I'll trade one of my autographed Gus Hall/Angela Davis campaign buttons.

stay safe

Coldtype said...

"I know folks like leftisbest and coldtype are probably saying,"So what?" right now because 'true evil' can only encorpulate in conservative republicans. Liberals are always good - in their minds"

Rue there is so much wrong with your post that I've planned a longer, more detailed response that I will post here in a few days. In the meantime I'd like to briefly respond to the following from your post to Lefty:

"Where has the Left moved to the right?

Were they going right when they wanted to roll back FISA?..."

Rue we have no Left to speak of in America's political mainstream. What you describe as "Left" (i.e Clinton/Obama et. al) is in fact the Center. The following examples reflect the positions of the Authentic Left:

-single payer health care funded through the Social Security system, as is similarly done in the advanced democracies of western Europe, Canada, Japan, and yes, Cuba;

-the total removal of all US forces from Iraqi territory and the payment of reparations to the people of that devastated society;

-the impeachment of George W. Bush and his prosecution before the Hague for war crimes [under the Nuremberg principles launching a war of aggression constitutes the supreme war crime for it encompasses all of the evil that follows];

-publicly funded elections that remove the undue influence of corporate special interests from politics;

-submission before the International Criminal Court;

-the complete rejection of the Myth of American Exeptionalism which holds that the US is unquely qualified to lead the world (by force of arms if neccessary) unencumbered by the international law and the UN Charter.

These are just the broad strokes Rue, I'll address this issue in more detail in my next post.