11 January 2008

Mexican Army incursions confirmed

It is now confirmed, though long suspected and reported, that armed Mexican army regulars have made, and are making, incursions across the US border and entering sovereign American soil.

The feds have documented 29 separate incidents involving uniformed Mexicans with heavy weapons, escorting vehicles out of the US.

For those of you who don't think illegal immigration is a big issue, I hope this wakes you up to the reality of the situation.

The U.S. government report notes that many of the incursions were both "armed" and "intentional" and cited one incident in a location where construction of a security fence was incomplete.

Immigration is a huge issue for American citizens, and now we see the GOP hopefuls backpedaling and trying to appear as if they're going to get tough on illegals.

It just proves the rule that during elections, the candidates stump from the right but then lead from the left. You'll see Clinton and Obama running on platforms that have a 'center-right' leaning. They know that they have to do that in order to get elected. Even McCain, Mr. OpenBorders himself, says that HE'S going to get tough on the border. I won't hold my breath! McCain never met an illegal that he didn't like.

As usual, Victor David Hanson tidies up the messy details on where the candidates are on illegal immigration.

The spin masters may think illegal immigration is an issue that pits conservative Republicans against liberal Democrats. But it doesn't always.

Nowadays, worry about illegal immigration is just as likely to mean that African-Americans are terrified of racist alien gangs in Los Angeles. Asian-Americans are frustrated that their relatives with college degrees wait years to emigrate legally, while thousands without high-school diplomas to the south simply break the law to enter the United States.

And many Mexican-Americans are probably tired of being expected to defend the indefensible of foreign nationals breaking immigration laws simply because they may share an ethnic heritage with illegal aliens.

It seems that everyone but the elites know that we, The People, want a secure border - NOW!

Vote for someone who will give us a secured southern border and less government.


Anonymous said...

Better watch out, the Mexican Army will kick Yankee butt. They have infitrated more than 5 million combantants into the U.S. An attck is coming!

Rue St. Michel said...

More like 40 million, if you count the anchor babies.

Sabian said...

None of 'our' pols are going to do anything to secure the border. It is a joke. Sadly, ambitous political animals have given America away. I used to love my run-ins with latinos. Feigning ignorance vis a vis 'the language barrier' i.e. No one will speak english to answeer a question,,"No Habla" but when you ask in spanish you get called a prejudice white man who is discriminating.; another excuse...'their being a simple people with a misinterpretation or translation of the english language', and just them being brazen as all Hell when the numbers are on their side.

We have too many pussies in Washington....and Illinois... to deal with this. If we detained or blasted a few of them we'd get a little respect back. But, that would lose votes.

I may sound harsh but I have been on both sides of this issue over the years and this kind of madness makes me nuts.

Anonymous said...

The whole Southwest must be returned to Mexico or else! This land was stolen in the 19th century by roving bands of cowboys and briggans.

leftisthebest said...

Where are all you "conservatives" when your favorite restaurant employs undocumented wait staff and dishwashers? I guess that is good ole Yankee know how, eh?

I would imagine the raids (if true) would be to protect runners at the bottom of the drug tree. The top? Why that would be rich Anglos.

Finally. Where was the "conservative" outcry about the CIA running drugs?

I doubt US troops will attack these Mexican troops, if they are in fact not imposters. Nope, some place up the line there are rich white people making money off the backs of the working class of all races.

Sabian said...

IF and WHEN I dine out I don't ask who is, and who isn't, documented.

And, as I eluded to....the politicians and people with $$$$ and power have allowed the problem to become an epidemic. It's a problem that needs to be cleaned up but no one can agree how or where to start. And, it's not the most important issue to people. Not until they see and feel the impact themselves.

I agree Lefty, no one is ever gonna bust a cap in the ass of any Mexican soldiers or people wearing those uniforms. But, if we did..... Well, things might begin to be a little different north of the border.

I guess the attitude is, if people are running and driving over the borders unchallenged, then why not the soldiers, drug runners, and terrorists. The Mexican Govt. even bitched when Border patrol used PAINTBALL GUNS on people trying to breach the border. UNREAL!

Anonymous said...

the sad part of this whole incident of the two agents going to prison for shooting the drug smuggler and correct me if im wrong is that their fellow agents on patrol TESTIFIED AGAINST THEM and rammed it to them real good what a bunch of stool pigeons never heared the like

Anonymous said...

just came back from arizona and we had dubious pleasure to go on a home foreclosure bus tour, my wife and i were only americans on bus besides other couple. all were swedes irish brits french and swiss. they ohhed and ahhhed over properties for sale by banks and couldnt get over room available in each unit etc, but what really got me was they thought they were all so inexpensive these homes were gouing for 500 000 to one million, where did we go wrong people our country is for sale and foreign money is buying it up