28 January 2008

Joe McCarthy Exonerated

You know the old stories about
Senator Joe McCarthy and his House on Un-American Activities
that have been fomented by the soft and squishy Lefties in our liberal media.

They’re legion: McCarthy was on a “witch-hunt”, he was paranoid, he picked on people who didn’t agree with him, he “black-listed” people, he destroyed the lives and families of innocent people, there were no Communists where McCarthy said there were.

Well it turns out Senator McCarthy was right!

In a ground-breaking, 600+ page tome, M. Stanton Evans, journalism professor and board member of the American Conservative Union, has performed a transformation for the most reviled American in modern U.S. history, Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

Evans' book, "Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies" (Crown Forum, $29.95), is the result of six years of reading primary sources. Evans proves that almost everything about McCarthy in current history books is a lie and will have to be revised.

McCarthy accused the ACLU of collaborating with the soviets. That’s not a stretch – everything they do is designed to undermine our national sovereignty. McCarthy accused the Democratic party of "twenty years of treason," describes the American Civil Liberties Union as "listed as 'a front for, and doing the work of,' the Communist Party."

Anytime the collective Left, which has been hijacked by radical Marxists, demonizes some poor slob, it deserves a second look.

Thankfully, Senator McCarthy is getting a second look and it appears as if he was misjudged and intentionally maligned.

Remember, Adolf Hitler was a socialist and, a liberal democrat.


leftisthebest said...

Gee, a professor from the American CONSERVATIVE Union. He would not be too much biased I bet. McCarthy proved nothing, expect his "campaign" led to his downfall and a later life of alcoholism.

Then again, conservative pin-up girl Ann Coulter in a recent book, wrote what a great guy was McCarthy.

His mistake was taking on the U.S. Army. Maybe because he served in the Marine Corps he attacked them. There was never any proof members of the State Department were members of the Communist Party.

He was censured by members of his own party for goodness sake! One of his best friends was Joseph Kennedy. He was also supported by the Catholic magazine Commonweal, which I think was founded by the family of Sargent Shriver. Pretty ironic, eh?

I actually feel kind of sorry for the guy. Heck, even Father John Francis Cronin, the out spoken anti-Communist leader of the fifties, thought McCarthy went to far.

Anonymous said...

if truth be known FDR HAD slew of lefties if not out and out reds in his cabinet and as advisours, Churchill told him not to trust Stalin and almost had a stroke at what he gave away at Yalta but old ironlegs kept listening to his home grown reds and we kissed eastern europe goodbye

russedav said...

Lenin would have loved "useful idiot" leftisthebest, a pitiful historically illiterate no educated person could take seriously, the few there are left in the land. There are of course no actual facts or evidence in his deranged screed, as with most of his fellow liars groundlessly attacking McCarthy. He should reserve his pity for McCarthy for himself who is truly pitiful to sink so low as to lie about the dead or at least repeat the falsehoods of others since he's so stupid as to buy the laughable lies he's fed. Sadly this is but further proof of GOP incompetence that they'd turn on their own when he was right about the communist infiltration that also proves only God's intervention saved us from being destroyed by such!