31 January 2008

Everything you need to know about McCain

Ahhhhhh...who would have thought that the senior senator from the great state of Arizona would be sitting in the cat bird seat on Feb. 1, 2008 as we approach Super Tuesday?

Certainly not your humble narrator.

I thought McCain shot himself in the foot 2 years ago when he sponsored immigration reform, which amounted to Amnesty for illegals.

McCain is not a conservative. He's not even a mainstream Republican. Like all the current candidates, they have to "present themselves" (ie. Lie to you.) as a right of center politician. They do that because they know that if they didn't, they'd never get elected. That is why it is of supreme importance and incumbent upon you, dear Reader/Voter, to review the records of each one of them before casting your vote.

Beyond his liberal voting tendencies, his personality is grating. He's hot-headed, stubborn and has a coarse mouth when upset. If you saw the debate last night, McCain was getting all worked up about Romney running ads which criticize McCain for some of his political stands. Gee, last time I checked, that's what an election is all about.

McCain even entertained the idea of leaving the GOP in 2001 and, his office approached John Kerry to see if he'd agree to run as VP with McCain! So now there is a chance that Kerry may be offered the VP spot if McCain garners the nomination.

The conservative base is livid that this poseur even has a chance to be the presidential nominee. Ann Coulter announced that she would vote for Hillary over McCain because 'Hillary is more conservative than McCain.'

God, I know just how Coulter feels!

Here's a snippet from the always-brilliant Mark Levin:

In sum, John McCain has been weak on homeland security, joining with numerous liberal Democrats to argue for closing Guantanamo Bay, applying the Geneva Conventions to unlawful enemy combatants, extending certain constitutional rights to detainees, limiting tried and true interrogation techniques, and conferring amnesty on illegal aliens (which would include OTMs; that fact that Bush supported the same thing is no defense). He aggressively opposed the Bush tax cuts, even after they were scaled back. He is behind the McCain-Lieberman Stewardship Act, which is a Kyoto-like manifesto. His role in McCain-Feingold goes well beyond merely voting for it (he was its primary crusader). He organized the Gang of 14, which I contended at the time and still believe effectively killed Republican efforts to kill the Democrat filibustering of judicial nominees. And while he votes against unbalanced budgets, he has no problem with federal intervention in a wide range of matters that are outside the federal government's constitutional limits.

Here's a brief summary of John McCain's liberal past and why you shouldn't trust anything that this reptilian weasel has to say.

Voted NO to Bush's tax cuts - McCain voted against the tax cuts because doesn't like George Bush. He didn't do it out of 'conservative principles' - he did it to stick it in the eye of GW. Now he is saying that he voted against them because they didn't come with spending cuts. But he's lying! He never said that at the time.

The Gang of 14 - McCain led the pack which blocked conservative judicial nominees, and allowed moderate and activist judges to get an easier path to appointment. It was a slap in the face to conservatives.

McCain-Feingold - This legislation would have drastically limited ALL OF OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

Terrorist Detainees at GitMo - Remember his "No water boarding stance?" He's more concerned with granting human rights to terrorists than supporting our military initiatives. He even made a reference to concentration camps, how original. He must be a devotee of the Daily KOS.

The "maverick" Sen. John McCain echoed one of the Left's most oft-cited and erroneous complaints about Gitmo on NBC's "Meet The Press" this weekend -- that detainees have been denied trials:

"The weight of evidence has got to be that we've got to adjudicate these people's cases, and . . . if it means releasing some of them, you'll have to release them. Look, even Adolf Eichmann got a trial." (Can we put a lid on the Nazi analogies already? Crikey. A Knight-Ridder reporter was too smitten to be bothered by his Eichmann-invoking hyperbole: "McCain is emerging as a voice of conscience and nuance on the stay-or-go Guantanamo issue."Nuance?)

McCain-Kennedy-Edwards - Helped Trial lawyers in their ability to sue. Wow - what an important issue to get behind. NOT!

McCain-Leiberman - Global Warming legislation that would have smothered United States manufacturing jobs; a la Kyoto. It was a monstrosity that would have done nothing good for the US - nor would have impacted global warming (since Global warming it is a hoax).

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (aka "No Illegal Left Behind" Act) - He's an open-borders advocate. He even spoke before "La Raza" in 2004. He told the group that they needed to "get out there and push the amnesty bill" to everyone who would listen.

And don't forget that McCain's immigration advisor, Director Juan Hernandez, wants people to emphasize the "mexican" and not the American when it comes to national sovereignty. He wants the border dissolved and should be viewed as "just a region."

The bottom line is that we just put up with 8 years of GW Bush. McCain, like Bush, has shown to be a man who cannot be trusted. He'll back any liberal agenda that is put before him. He'll cross the aisle and enact the inane legislation that the Dems are wont to promote.

And just like Hillary, he'll say anything to get elected.

I'm voting for Mitt Romney, and Bob Milan on Tuesday.


Hawker holiday sats said...

Vote for whoever will take the guns off the streets.

Anonymous said...

Percy Betram here i beleive along with my african american friends here in hyde park that it will be in the best intrests of the police to vote for Mr Barack Obama to neutrilize the predudice and racial hatred that now exists in the ranks of the chicago police dept also we are awaiting the long sought after civilian review board much thanks

Coldtype said...

"I'm voting for Mitt Romney, and Bob Milan on Tuesday"


leftisthebest said...

Why vote for Milan? Not to insult you, but obviously you have not ever worked a homicide case where Milan refuses charges even though the evidence points to the suspect. You are a smart guy, If you did you would not be saying vote for Milan.

As for Romney, well you know my position on that.

Dennis Kucinich for president!!

Sid Hudgens said...

Hawker holiday sats said...
Vote for whoever will take the guns off the streets.

9:55 AM

If we keep dicking around, Islamic extremists will be taking the guns off our streets.
We have no savior on any ballot that has a chance of pulling us through. Politics has, now more than ever, become the biggest personal game scheme alive. No one in Sprinfield or Washington is there to look out for the common man. The next election will probably see the illegals....who will get amnesty.....being allowed to vote. That ought to be fun.

leftisthebest said...

Milan only pulled six per cent of the vote. What a slap in the face to Devine.

leftisthebest said...

Looks like McCain is your guy's party nominee, Rue-y. He'll defeat Hillary in November if she wins. If Obama wins, well, all bets are off.

Don't worry comrade, with McCain in the Oval Office you conservatives will get another war (er, I mean invasion) to support when he goose steps into Iran.

Sir Edmund Belcher said...

If Obama loses be prepared for riots on the south and westsides of the city. It will be "68" all over again! Days off canceled, burning and looting, massive numbers of white folks with their heads and homes smashed in. All because its your fault, cracker!

x spec ops guy said...

If McCain has 10% of the integrity
he displayed while a POW, he & this Country will be just fine. Remember, he stayed another 3 years after he was offered a release. I havent seen that kind of team mentality since my A-Team days,even on the PD.
Nobody's been tested as this man has! We wern't attacked by Mexico;
the whore politicos on both sides permitted this immigrant thing to get out of hand and there will be NO easy solution.
He's hawkish on the fanatics, where
its going to count!!!!!

Sgt. Saughter said...

McCain was a coward in the war. After all he surrendered. There is no reason to be a P.O.W. Troops should fight to the death. To just give up when times get tough, we don't need a loser like that.

Anonymous said...

Hey SGT s(L)aughter, put down the whiskey, go grab a gun and rearrange your brain matter. It'll be better for your family and the country. Cowardice is your continued breathing in this life!

Josef said...

McCain is just another liberal democrat, not a true republican. Why not just have one election. Everybody throws their hat in the ring and its on. End the two party system.

Anonymous said...

I heard Jimminy Curry hangs out with Obama, Mccain, and Hillary and offers to give them oral sex in return for favors.

Anonymous said...

Yo dog!!!

Why new posts lately? You feeling blue because your boy Huckabee is out of the running? Ot maybe you are a Ron Paul guy?

Anonymous said...

Jimminy "Jethro" Curry can't orally satisfy Obama and the others because his lips are locked around the loins of "Captain Morgan"

How else would one like him obtain a "Wall of Fame", a wall within his own home which has photographs of all the chiefs, D/Cs and other miscellaneous bosses who have felt the tender flutter of Curry's lips, like butterfly wings, dangle and gently tease the nether regions of the human anatomy.

rosco said...

Don't start talking about Jimmie Curry, he will get mad at you and tell his wife on you. At least he finally let 025.

Anonymous said...

leave MCain alone when the south side irish were warming barstools on western ave, and hiding in college and getting traffic violations and misdemenor arrests so they could stay out of military he was paying his dues in a commie prison camp and now these same wimps are running for office and are your bosses on the job wise up nuff sa