29 November 2007

Bush's Zealotry

So it's finally come to light that Bush's problem is not that he's unintelligent, nor unmotivated - it is that he's a zealot for democracy.

Pat Buchanan hits a home-run in his new book Day of Reckoning. It highlights why this administration is having problems getting its messages out and across to its constituents. Part of the problem, obviously, is that Bush sounds like a dolt when speaking publicly. Another issue is that the White House isn't very comfortable "communicating" its messages to the world. How many times did it "go dark" right after we invaded Afghanistan? Where were the press conferences updating us on progress in Iraq?

Few and far between.

Ideology is substitute religion, a belief system based on ideas that are often contradicted by history and common sense. Yet men will adhere to ideologies with a zealotry that borders on fanaticism.

Marxism, fascism and socialism were/are ideologies, gods that failed. So, too, is democratism, the Gospel of George W. Bush.

Democratism is a belief that all men are equally endowed with a desire for freedom and an aptitude for democracy. All can be uplifted, and all brought to see that democracy is the one true path to peace in our world. In democracy lies our salvation.

This conviction lay behind the invasion of Iraq, Bush's crusade to democratize the Middle East and his "global democratic revolution" to "end tyranny in our world." And, as Woodrow Wilson's crusade "to make the world safe for democracy" gave us Lenin, Stalin and Hitler, Bush's crusade for democracy is leaving us with ashes in our mouths.

As I said in a previous post, this says alot for why we are where we are in regards to the Middle East. Sadly I see little hope in making a foundation for "democracy" in that region. The people there only seem to recognize leaders who display strict authoritarian styles - dictators and the like.

An anology would be like trying to use Oxen to pull your sleds across the frozen wastelands of Antarctica. They aren't built, nor bred, for that type of environment. The same holds true for the Middle East. They won't embrace Democracy because they can't get their heads around the whole concept. Their core beliefs, founded in strict accordance to the Quoran, is of submission and obedience. It's not the type of place to engender freedom, creativity nor - civilization.

28 November 2007

Modern Civ: No place for Islam

Whenever I hear some LibTard whine about the plight of minorities, the underclass or how the US campaigns in the Middle East "caused" Muslims to turn to violence, I think to myself, "This guy needs to do some volunteer work." At least if the person went into Zaire, Yemen or Myanmar - their eyes would be opened. They'd see first hand that the freedoms and liberty we enjoy here, and engender worldwide, are an anomoly. To criticize the US as a "police state" is a slap in the face to real police states across the globe.

When a talented and caring Liverpool school teacher wanted to make a difference, she decided to go volunteer teach in Sudan. Things were moving along for her quite well until one day she let her school kids pick a name for some stuffed pet animals. The name that they chose for a particular teddy bear was "Mohammed."


Just to show you, cherished reader, yet again another insight into the twisted mind of your typical Muslim, this school teacher is now looking at 6 months in a Sudanese prison, or 40 lashes, for "insulting the image of the Prophet" [may his name be disgraced]. Author Joan Smith writes about it in the Independent UK online. The piece is entitled Islam and the modern world don't mix.

While it seems like Ms. Smith is pointing out the bloody obvious, she elucidates Islam's basic contradictions that preclude it from ever comingling with a modern civilization.

Once again, secular people around the world are left reeling at the capacity of Islam to discern "insult" in the most innocuous behaviour. At one level, this sequence of events is preposterous; I'm sure there are plenty of genuine crimes to worry about in Sudan without wasting time pursuing a woman whose good intentions are manifest.

But the significance of the case goes beyond the individuals concerned,highlighting aspects of Islam as it is currently practised in countries such as Sudan and Saudi Arabia – and promoted in some European mosques – which are incompatible with the modern world. One is the role of honour, which has repeatedly been used to legitimise furious over-reactions to everything from the naming of a toy to instances of women and gay people demanding autonomy over their bodies.

Ever since the outcry over The Satanic Verses nearly two decades ago, I have watched Muslim men (they almost always are men) use the claim that their honour has been insulted as an excuse for disgraceful and frequently criminal behaviour. Salman Rushdie "insults" the Prophet: burn his books. Danish cartoonists display a lack of respect for Islam: attack Danish embassies. A British Muslim girl wants to marry the "wrong" man: kill her for shaming the family. A Saudi rape victim complains that her attackers got off too lightly: increase her sentence (for being in a car with a man who wasn't her husband) to 200 lashes.

The values that we have, our core beliefs, aren't congruent with those of our brethren in the middle east. That is the crux of the problem and one, that I feel, is insurmountable.

27 November 2007

Unit 731

Last year a wizened old man with white hair stood at the district desk getting a report from a young officer. I started a conversation with the man and it turned out he'd served in the Navy during WWII. I asked him if he'd seen action and he said, "Hell yes. Fought on Iwo Jima, and saw what those japs did to our boys. They were animals. I still hate them for what they did." I thanked him for his service and wondered if the old guy was just spooked against the Japs by all the WWII propaganda.

I could see that 60 years later he was still overwhelmed with emotion about the whole thing. Bitterness riled him.

Not until I did some digging on the Sino-Japanese war and Japan's treatment of prisoners did I realize that Japan's Imperialist impulse propelled a long history of blood-letting, torture and conquest.

Japan's Unit 731 was a natural off-shoot of that side of the Japanese. Its been getting alot of press lately, and ror good reason - it is Japan's homegrown version of Auschwitz.

Unit 731 was a Japanese military unit put together in order to test their vilest forms of cruelty.

They did a multitude of experiments on prisoners. For example, they staked prisoners out in a yard and detonated explosives near them. Those that survived were brought in and operated on without anasthesia. They weren't operated on in order to save their lives, they were operated on in order to determine the extent of their injuries.

Some of the more atrocious inhumanities include:

• Dissected live humans without anesthesia

• Poisoned food and water to spread disease

• Used female prisoners for studies on syphilis

• Injected animal blood into the human body for vivo physiological effects
• Hung prisoners upside-down until death to test for pressure resistance

• Exposed humans to extremely high and low pressures

• Exposed humans to extreme cold

• Surgically removed live human stomachs and reattached the esophagus and intestines

• Amputated and reattached human arms to the opposite side

• Committed biochemical warfare in labs and battlefields over 2,700 times, causing countless deaths, and intentionally flouted the Treaty of Geneva
• Laced food with poison for the civilians to consume
• Dropped bacteria-infected fleas on civilians
• Contaminated water and food with germs of severe intestinal diseases, such as typhus, paratyphoid, cholera, dysentery, and bacillus
• Used poisonous gases numerous times to suppress resistance

Check out the whole article. It's fascinating stuff.

Lie down with dogs, get fleas

The world mourns the senseless loss of yet another 'pillar' of the pro-Football community. I don't know what all the fuss is about - he lived like a thug and he died like a thug.

Sean Taylor was no choir boy. Just doing a superficial google search on him revealed multiple arrests in his illustrious career. He was arrested and charged with two counts of Agg Assault with a firearm and simple battery back in June of 2005.

He was DUI'd in 2004 and was hardly a "team player" on the Skins when he went missing for entire off-seasons.

And let's not forget that this maniac almost hospitalized Brian Moorman, the Buffalo Bills punter, during a pro-Bowl appearance. Apparently, Taylor wasn't bright enough to understand the difference in playing a real game versus a fake pro-Bowl game.

Bye-bye, Sean. Say Hi! to Tookie Williams for me!

23 November 2007

Academy Class curse?

An astute reader pointed out to me that Academy Class 02-9C has had a high number of "unfortunate" incidents involving its officers.

First Chris Berlanga was involved in a fatal DUI crash in Indiana, then Misha Barnes failed a drug test and was fired. She was later arrested for misdemeanor theft. And poor Mark Zymantas was attempting to stop a gang-fight while he was off duty and was subsequently beaten into a coma by 5 Assyrian Kings.

And now we see that John Ardelean has been charged with a fatal DUI.

That's 4 officers out of 28 in that class. I know that its not as bad as back in the 80's when the city, in their infinite wisdom, decided to forego background screenings on police applicants and ENTIRE classes disappeared in a flurry of arrests, indictments and grand juries.

If you work with any of these guys or gals, let them know to be extra careful out there. There's a black cloud over the "C" class!

19 November 2007

Absolute Clarity on Immigration

You've known it for years. Felt it in your bones. As a cop on the streets you see it every day, yet our policy makers either seem uninterested or patently neglectful.

The issue is illegal immigration.

And what I'm referring to is the disconnect between what we're seeing on the ground and what our leaders are pushing down our throats. The pabulum coming out of congress and the White House about illegals is maddening to those of us who patrol the streets in large urban areas. We see what our "enlightened" leaers are blind to: the violence, the machismo, the rigid need for "respect", the incessant demands for entitlements and the blatant disregard for our laws, our language and our national sovereignty. When public officials decry that illegals are forced to "live in the shadows" they never say where these "shadows" are. As far as I can tell, illegals aren't in any shadows - they're out in broad daylight. They purchase cars, open bank accounts, obtain easy credit, buy homes (multiple properties), go to the movies, rent movies, take vacations, go to emergency rooms when their kids get sick; in short, they're enjoying the life of a typical American. They even have dozens of their own spanish-language cable stations to choose from.

With unparalleled luminosity, Heather McDonald, writing for City Journal, explains with her usual panache the dark, seemy underbelly of illegal immigration.
Her outline for dealing with a long-term solution to illegal immigration follows the following principles:

*Principle 1: Respect The Law
*Principle 2: Protect National Sovereignty
*Principle 3: Support law enforcement
*Principle 4: Pay attention to the facts on the ground
*Principle 5: refer local decision makers over remote elites.

Go read the entire article here.

16 November 2007

This is Justice!

A family in a rural area of northern California are awakened at 4a.m. by 3 black men who have entered the premises with the intent of burglarizing the home. They beat the family's 19 year old son with a baseball bat - causing extensive brain damage and permanent disability (he can't even feed himself any longer and is living in a rehab center for disabled people.)

The father grabs a shotgun and shoots 2 of the assailants. The third offender escapes but is later caught.

The prosecutor is charging the remaining offender with murder because his actions inititiated the deaths of his 2 accomplices.


So what's the problem? The issue now is that the victims are white and the offenders are black.

The NAACP and a whole gaggle of race-baiters are lining up and claiming that charging this "boy" with murder is racist.

Here's the whole story - read it and get ready to get your blood boiling. We in Chicago are used to seeing the Phony Make Believe Reverends and bigoted black Aldermen standing up and making fools of themselves all in the name of perpetuating crime and dysfunction in their neighborhoods.

It's sickening to see that this is now extending to the Wine Country in NorCal. I hope this offender gets the death penalty - if Tookie Williams can fry, so can this savage.

14 November 2007

Border attacks on Agents rising

The WaPo is reporting that Attacks on US Border Patrol Agents is rising. Mexicans trying to cross the border and those who are members of drug cartels have been stepping up violence against Border Agents.

"They've got weapons, high-tech radios, computers, cell phones, Global Positioning Systems, spotters and can react faster than we are able to," said Shawn P. Moran, a 10-year U.S. Border Patrol veteran who serves as vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 in San Diego.

"And they have no hesitancy to attack the agents on the line, with anything from assault rifles and improvised Molotov cocktails to rocks, concrete slabs and bottles," he said. "There are so many agent 'rockings' that few are even reported anymore. If we wrote them all up, that's all we would be doing."

Attacks on Border Agents has almost doubled - from 118 in '04 to 163 in the first 8 month of 2005. And just like other law enforcement agencies - especially Chicago's Police department - our agents at the border are hobbled by administrative rules and regulations.

From the article:
"But union officials and agents said that they are often frustrated by internal policies that keep them from taking aggressive action against illegal immigrants.

McCubbin said that because of personnel shortages, the border patrol has shifted from active patrols to a policy of “high visibility” in which agents are basically static or in “watch mode” until an actual incursion is noted and they have to respond.

“We’re pretty much a reactive operation,” McCubbin said, “and I believe that’s why we’re in this position, we’re like sitting ducks in a way.”

Some agents complained that they are rarely allowed to pursue illegal immigrants, regardless of the situation.

“If anyone runs from us, we don’t chase them,” said one California-based border patrol agent who requested anonymity. “We could have information that there is a nuke in the back of a van but we don’t have authority to chase them,” the agent said. “We’ve had radiation pagers go off and we’re still not allowed [by our supervisors] to give chase,” he said. “They are scared to death something will go wrong and there will be a huge liability.

Oh, but I forgot. Presidente Bush said that they're "just here to work." Hhhmmmmmm......If you believe that then I've got some beachfront property near Las Mochas to sell you.

More PC non-sense eroding our society

News item from the "Etching Away our Free Speech" files:

Pulitzer prize winning Music Critic Tim Page is in hot water for sending an email to Marion Barry's office asking to be removed from Barry's mailing list.

It wouldn't have raised an eyebrow except that he called Marion Barry a "crack-addict". So now you can't speak the truth without worrying about getting fired or censured?


There are days when I am bewildered by the warped rabbit hole that we've fallen into due to our misguided notions of political correctness (Liberal Totalitarianism).

Here's an excerpt from the Page's email:
"Must we hear about it every time this crack addict attempts to rehabilitate himself with some new -- and typically half-witted -- political grandstanding? I'd be grateful if you would take me off your mailing list. I cannot think of anything the useless Marion Barry could do that would interest me in the slightest, up to and including overdose."

Of course now the Race-baiters and apologists for the drug addict Mayor are "outraged". Barry was caught on video tape in 19990 smoking crack cocaine. Barry declared publicly that Page "ought to be fired, and The Washington Post ought to run an editorial apology. That would be a signal to the whole world that The Washington Post won't tolerate this kind of lowlife activity."

But we're supposed to support the kind of lowlife activity that Marion Barry engaged in? We're supposed to look the other way and support some goof who hasn't done a damn while in political office except pad his own pockets. It didn't get much media attention at the time but he tested positive for cocaine in the fall of 2005.

He is a tax dodger, alcoholic and a libertine.

More on the Mayor:
Last week's CityPaper reported in the Loose Lips column (scroll down "THE CONSPIRACY LIVES") that Barry supporters led by Shuta Myoli were planning a rally at E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse on the day of his sentencing. Myoli believes that his tax evasion charges were a reaction to his anti-ballpark stance and not his admission that he did not pay his taxes. In other words "baseball set 'em up." I suppose MLB is also responsible for the positive test too. Nevertheless, here is to a complete recovery for Mayor Barry from his addiction to the white nose candy.

This straight talking critic should be promoted to Editor. Please drop a line to the Washington Post editorial board and let them know that this guy is getting railroaded for telling the truth. I wish more people came out publicly critical of such corrupt politicians. I think that Jesse "Shake-Down" Jackson, Al "Boofant" Sharpton, Louis "Calipso" Farrakhan, Dorothy "The Hat" Tillman, Bobby "Black Panther" Seals, Todd "Tax-U-All" Stroger, Danny "Hater" Davis, and William "Dee Poleeses Done It" Beavers (just to name a few!) should all be publicly excoriated for their criminal activities and ties to corruption.

God bless Tim Page! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

10 November 2007

The Quisling and The Dead

Norman Mailer is dead at 84. For someone who wrote one good novel in his life, he sure made the most out of it. You can credit that with his long history of Left Wing political screeds.

He ran with the Manhattan elites and towed the anti-war, America-as-Imperialist line. That kept him within the Liberal Establishment and they do take care of their own. I certainly won't miss him.

And let's not forget his biggest snafu: petitioning to get Jack Abbott out of prison. In 1980, Mailer spearheaded convicted killer Jack Abbott's successful bid for parole. He helped Abbott publish a collection of letters to Mailer about his experiences in prison. Abbott committed a murder within weeks of his release, and consequently, Mailer was subject to criticism for his role; in a 1992 interview, in the Buffalo News, he conceded that his involvement was "another episode in my life in which I can find nothing to cheer about or nothing to take pride in."

Here are some of Mailer's quotations:

America is a hurricane, and the only people who do not hear the sound are those fortunate if incredibly stupid and smug White Protestants who live in the center, in the serene eye of the big wind.

If a person is not talented enough to be a novelist, not smart enough to be a lawyer, and his hands are too shaky to perform operations, he becomes a journalist.

In America few people will trust you unless you are irreverent.

We are going to occupy Iraq and occupy it for a long time. Then it all does begin to make its own kind of sense. Because that means we are inaugurating the commencement of the American World Empire.

His personal life was an absolute wreck: 6 marriages (he stabbed his 2nd wife during a drunken brawl, almost killing her), an alcohol abuser, pot smoker and counter-culture icon - there seems to be very little in his personal life that one would emulate. His personal life seems to have been the engine that drove the Liberal Establishment to buoy his mediocre writing.

If you want to read an excellent writer of Mailer's generation, read Tom Wolfe. He's a tremendous person of high character and the clarity founded in a stable life shines through in his novels.

09 November 2007

The Greatest Nation and Its Heros

Sunday November 11th is Veterans Day. I extend my warmest wishes and profoundest gratitude to all of the Men and Women who have given their time, energies, talents and, lives in order that we may remain the greatest Nation that the world has ever seen.

This movie clip stil gives me the chills everytime I see it. I hope that one day someone steps up and attains the mantle of Patton in our fight against Islam. You can take out the word Nazi from his monologue and replace it with Muslim.

And this letter doesn't carry the same power without the music flowing in the background, but when they read it during Saving Private Ryan, it was a tear-jerker. This was a letter written to Mrs. Bixby when it was believed that her 5 sons had been killed in battle. Apparently only 2 were killed, one deserted and the others returned home. Still a touching letter from the White House to someone who had given their most valuable treasure so that our country would continue as one.

Abraham Lincoln 1809 - 1865 
Mrs. Bixby Letter

Executive Mansion
Washington, D.C.
November 21, 1864

  Dear Madam,  I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant-General of Massachusetts, that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle.  I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.  I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom.   Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,
Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln wrote this letter expressing condolences to Mrs. Bixby, a widow who it was believed had lost five sons in the Civil War. 

Crossings Down - Immigrant Intifada UP!

More Agents at the border, continuing fence construction and expanded prosecution of border-crossers is having the desired effect on illegal immigration - the LATimes is reporting that crossings are down 20%.

See? All you have to do is enforce the laws that are already on the books and, voila! - it works!

Now that less illegals are coming from Mexico, the illegals and their supporters who are already here, are planning an intifada type revolt against US citizens. Andres Oppenheimer, writing for the Miami Herald, warns that the "13 million" who are here (double that, please) may follow the examples set by "disenfranchised" Muslim youth in France and begin rioting.

Oppenheimer's article (a must-read if you want to get pissed off at yet another LibTard who wants to erase our National Sovereignty) takes an open-borders slant and reams the GOP for not supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform (ie. No Illegal Left Behind).

Well too bloody bad for them. Let them riot and create havoc. It'll give law enforcement and ICE another tool to deport them. Maybe then the US population will WAKE UP and ship 'em back and lock down our southern border: for good!