27 December 2007

People Flee California from Illegal flood

Apologies for no posting since 15-Dec-07. I've been under the weather, the kids are taking turns getting sick, and with the holiday rush, I haven't had time to post anything.

From today's LATImes, California's citizens are fleeing the state in droves but overall state growth is up due to immigration.

The annual study by the Department of Finance showed that 89,000 more people fled California than moved there from somewhere else. The arrival of 200,000 immigrants caused a net surge in population growth.

What is the influx of immigrants to California doing to the crime rate? It's going up.

Going back to '05, the homicide rate in California was higher than in the battlefields of Iraq.

San Francisco is having the bloodiest year of violence. Back in 2005, it had 96 homicides. As of Tuesday this week, San Fran's homicide rate was 97 - the hightest since 1995!

I guess California will continue to allow illiterate, unskilled and dubious people to cross their border unabated: with dire consequences.


Coldtype said...

Welcome back Rue. Just one question though. Why are you so unwilling to acknowledge the critical--in fact decisive--role that NAFTA has played in the immigration issue?

Sabian said...

Get ready folks. This country will look like Cermak to 31st and from Sacramento to Pulaski soon. A total shithole with iron gates where front yards should be (think I'm joking, ride down any street from the boundaries I mentioned), double parked pieces of shit, no grass on the lawns and a bunch of lowlife predators sizing you up as they work on cars on the streets and in the alleys. Be armed....be strong.

I went to my Dr's office last week and the receptionist was a professionally dressed, ghetto talking latina hoodrat. Her name was probably Ghetto Vero. She showed me to the exam room and was on her cell phone the entire time. I almost ended up on the news!!!!! Imagine the video of me (sober mind you) pounding the living shizzle out of Ghetto Vero on camera. Imagine the social and business decay when the illegals take towns over... Sweet Jesus in the Border Patrol, what next?!

Rue St. Michel said...

Coldie - I was never in favor of NAFTA. I voted for Perot back in '92 and believed what he said about it. It's too bad that we went forward with it but the Illuminati and their Federal Reserve masters make the call on all these issues, not me.

Hi Sabes! Welcome back!
You're right about that. If you go to any hispanic area in the city it is black, wrought-iron fencing up and down the streets. Goofs hanging in front, drinking beer and double parked on the street.

Sorry to hear about your ghetto hoochie mama experience - remember these important words :

DIversity Is Our Strength!

Sabian said...

Thanks Rue! Glad to see you back too. I missed the fresh topics.

Yes, diversity is our strength but how come I don't feel like it makes things better with the illegal situation?.......

I thought about saying something to my doc too. But then I decided I didn't need an Alamo thing going down at my place. That skank could pull my jacket and fin out EVERYTHING about me. Had to bite the bullet on that one. I, too, voted for Ross Perot. He could have been our savior.

Anonymous said...

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