10 December 2007

Euro Women flocking to Death Row Inmates

It's an old adage that says, "Why do good girls love the bad boys?" Well there is no shortage of fools in the world, and no place with more of them than good old EurAbia.

In this instance, it is a group of supremely naive Euro women who have 'fallen in love' with death row inmates.

Romina Deeken, interviewed for the story, travels from Germany to visit her 'inmate' .... here's her photo from her company's webite:

Here's a picture of her from the Dallas News story, complete with a visage saddened with hurt and a tear running down her cheek.

"Ms. Deeken, who works for a media company in Germany, says she knows the deal – some death row inmates manipulate European women for sport, sexual stimulation and money – just like men on the outside.

The death penalty, Ms. Deeken said, is a barbaric punishment in a flawed U.S. justice system.

"Everybody has a right to fair trial, but he never had that," she said, referring to her pen pal. "The fact that he is black – well, there is a lot of discrimination. I know blacks are treated unfairly."

LIke the majority of her European compatriots, they buy the lie that our major media outlets sell: Black are oppressed by a system of racial discrimination that is intent on one thing - to keep blacks in their place and denies them "justice."

I've spent time in Europe, and over a few glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon with a Parisienne, it was like the guy had memorized the NYTimes. He just kept spewing the crap that he'd read in our newspapers: America is an inherently racist country, full of gun-toting cowboys, that is run by an elite group of Republican business-men.

Of course, I corrected his deeply misguided ideas.

I know many famous death row prisoners have had women flocking to them like bees in a field of chrysanthemums. Even Ted Bundy had conjugal visits, and even married a woman while in prison. Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, received 100 letters per week and got married while on death row. The article goes on to highlight that a woman is working on a book that will attempt to explain the mechanism behind these poor souls who reach out to the worst people in our society - and fall in love with them.

Clearly these women have deep emotional problems, and the good doctor says that it can all be tied back to a history of physical and sexual abuse in their families of origins.

As PT Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute. These amateurs are being played by some true professionals.


rosco said...

Is polish girl, yes? The polski love charnuks! Is disco dancing master! Polski love ABBA!

Rue St. Michel said...

HA! That post made me laugh, Rosco. Good one....

Sabian said...

OK. Here's a horror story. Let them flock to the death row mongruls. let them! Here's why.

A guy I knew goes out dancing in resurrection Maryland and meets a Euro blonde with long legs, nice booty and a face that says MODEL and she moved in with him. She started using the phone to call the homeland....$$$$$$$$. She was working cleaning houses and making very nice $$$$$$$$$$. Never spent any of HER $$$$$$$$$. She needed to help her family back home so they sent clothes, etc. and he paid $$$$$$$$!!!!!, He got the engagement ring..$$$$$$$$$ She needed $$$$$$$ for chothes to make sexy, yes? Suddenly she was wearing shorter skirts, smelling sweeter, and stilleto's to go clean houses. Homeboy got suspicious, tailed her and found her with another Euro who was driving a $$$$$$$$$$$ truck. Euro boy put a large caliber handgun in his puss and told him he was a cousin so play nice. He leaves and decides to go to work with his head spinning. He hears the po-po are looking for him. She has a bruised eye and gets an Order of Protection. No criminal charges for 0486 though. She had some Euro translator go with her across from Daley plaza to go get an OP. She has residency there and he gets the boot out of his own place. Figure that one out. Then he snuck back like a dumbass to get some clothes and gets popped for viol of OOP because some other Euro's have moved in already! That's one. Number 2....Nice guy meets Euro babe. I saw this one and she was a hot looker. I'd run across all 4 lanes of Archer on a Friday night just to kiss her ass. He met her under similar auspices. He foots the bill for everything..$$$$$$$$ She wants to go to school. He pays $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ She wants a boob job. He pays $$$$$$$$$$$$ She wants to work on the northside so he drives her to work $$$$$$$$. She keeps all her own $$$$$$$$$. Doesn't buy a car herself. He finally buys her one because she is pouting which means he ain't getting any. So,.....$$$$$$$$$$. Suddenly a family member in the 'old country' is gravely ill and she must get back to Europe ASAP. Jackass never hears from her again and she tapped his credit card and took some nice appliances for the trip home. $$$$$$$$ He hires a private eye to sniff around....$$$$$$$ No record of her ever leaving the USA....and no record of her ever entering the USA. Fake identity. Lesson learned...Don't trust a Euro trash hoe bag.

Maybe they are scheming for the 'comdemned' life insurance policies?.... My experience says these Euro chicks are way way too savvy to get played by a brother waiting for the ultimate pain reliever. And, number 2 told me she was the biggest prick tease on the planet. He said he had to literally beg for sex and that money and gifts were a big turn on for her....$$$$$$$ but when she consented he said it was the best he ever had. Which may not be saying much in his case........One says hello to me on the street and I take off running.

rosco said...

You should drive past the Euro-trash club called JEDKA on Diversey. You will see lots of limp dick coppers eyeballing all the Euro/bitches.

Sabian said...

Well you got it right...Bitches!

Diversy & what?.... Is it a 70's disco type joint? Techno?... I think learning how to get OPs and file complaints is on their "Welcome to U.S.A." booklets. But it is nice eye candy most of the time. Just don't touch...you may be sorry. Looted bank account, phone bill outta this world, ruin your job, etc.. Not pretty.

rosco said...

Is hot polska bar on Diversey just west of Central. They love ABBA! It used to be The 123 Club years ago.

Sabian said...

Thanks for pointing my old ass in the right (or in this case maybe wrong) direction.

JEDKA huh?.... I wonder if that is Polish for Uncle Jed? or a Polish Jedi Knight?... I may have to instigate.....I mean investigate once I get there. I hope it's a slow night in that district and on that beat.

I'll just tell the bitches my name is Bjorn and I used to be in ABBA.

Rue St. Michel said...

Sabes: It's Jedanka (pronounced "yed-DANK-ah")

It's just west of Central on Diversey. It's is Ground Zero for hotty polish, czech babes but you're right .... keep your hand on your wallet. Plenty of conns going around in that place, no?

Excellent stories, brother. None of what you wrote surprised me. There's a sucker born every minute and if you get "P-whipped" your fall is just that much harder.

Sabian said...

Well, one of these weekends when my libido and boredom are running high I will venture a trip. Wallet Rue?...Ha! for a mission like this it is strictly ID and cash with thick sticky rubberband around it.

I'm gonna have to Czech it out just for the experience. it will be better than watching some crackhead pushing a shopping cart full of scrap junk down the street.

Naturally I will have an after action report....or give out the CR #. Ha! Time to go learn more Polish. i will need to blend in....They'll spot me a mile away anyway because I bathe.

Anonymous said...

Also, there is the "Crocodile club" on Belmont just west of Austin. The owner is very dirty and has lots of polish coppers for friends. Stylish blondes tending the bar. Coffee house with liquor is the polish scam...

Sabian said...

I'll pass on the Croc Club. I might find myself in an alley somewhere mumbling a bunch of gibberish and drooling.

Anonymous said...

hey i got conned by a Irish Euro trash babe bout 2 years ago while on my beat met chick in resturant hottie worked as waitress talked mother macree and south side irish bull shit, after 1st date went to motel on cicero after i month comes by station with big shamus tell me shes knocked up and her and brother ha ha want money to have abortion etc i pulled Magnum to both and said id kill then and to get lost never heard from either again investigation disclsed shes a lap dancer from new york and guys her pimp beware of irish brunette calls herslf Norreen Kelly nuff said