12 December 2007

Drew Peterson needs your help!

UPDATE: Drew's website is offline, no doubt because he was just caught trying to hide $250,000 by "donating" it to his son in order to keep it off the books and away from civil suits. I posted the following kind of "tongue-in-cheek" - he probably is guilty of all this but, I just thought it'd be refreshing to entertain the presumption of innocence. Like SCC I'm sick and tired of all the Police Bashing that's going on in our beloved City. And this was just my way of blowing off some pent up steam.

If you haven't heard of the Drew Peterson case, then you've been living in a cave for the last 6 months.

The media is portraying him as evil incarnate. He has the unfortunate luck of being three things that the media has no problem demonizing: male, white and a cop.

Any of those 3 factors is enough to get your name, face, home address and foot-size published in a local rag newspaper.

When OJ was arrested and charged, look how many people came together to support him. Many protestations in the press decried his arrest as racial bias and injustice. The evidence, though mostly circumstantial, weighed heavily against him. Still, there was somewhat of a thread flowing through the media that OJ was "innocent until proven guilty."

There is no such presumption in Peterson's case. He has already been tried and executed.

Drew needs your help. Until a benefit can be put together, he's put together a website where you can make a donation to his defense fund.


God bless all the former SOS officers - especially Lt. JB. Let's bring back the presumption of innocence with police officers. It's the least we can do.


Anonymous said...

U forgot the other 2 demonizing
factors: he's heterosexual(I think),and he's probably Christian/

Rue St. Michel said...

I'm sure if he was "gay" the Pink Mafia would call their handlers in the MSM and keep the heat off of him.

Hell, Katie Curic would probably interview him and shed some tears over "lost Stacey" - live at 6!

Anonymous said...

So what, he just wants to keep his kids college fund theirs. Stacy's hillbilly relatives are just looking to cash in on the missing bitch.

Anonymous said...

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