28 December 2007

Chicago talk radio

560 AM - WIND has been my choice for talk radio for 2 years now. My favorite shows are Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham.

Michael Savage's show is raw, brutal and enlightening. He strips away most of the political correctness that encapsulates our political dialogue and drills down to the details in the news that the MSM ignores. He's like the interesting, angry uncle that comes over for dinner once in a while.

Laura Ingraham, on the other hand, is erudite and highly informed. She is an attorney who once clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas. She's genuinely funny and fills her show with funny banter, interesting guests and audio tidbits that will put a smile on your face for the short 2 hours that she's on our local affiliate.

I'm slowly pulling away from WIND since they replaced Laura's morning show with Dennis Miller. While Miller is a talented comedian, he's definitely out of his element when discussing politics. His sidekick - "Sal" - is an annoying personality who rarely has anything to add to the discussion. They take turns laughing at each other's remarks, which aren't all that funny in the first place. And when Miller makes a comment which he thinks is humorous, he chuckles at himself. He's the only one chuckling at his obscure references. As I write, Miller is interviewing Norm McDonald and allowing McDonald to do a "stand-up" routine for most of the hour. Miller must be the only person who thinks Norm McDonald is funny. Again, no one is tuning in to Dennis Miller to listen to a mediocre comic - we want to hear political discussions and interviews.

But the worst part of WIND's lineup is definitely The John and Cisco show. After one year, it is painfully obvious that they don't belong on the radio.

It's apparent that they don't prepare for the show by doing research. For example, they interview Micheal Medved every Friday for a 10 minute segment. When Ann Coulter made her famous "jews aren't perfected beings" remark, Medved spoke with her on his show. He did a good job of clearing up the controversy and determined it was blown out of all proportion by the media.

On the following Friday, a week after Coulter appeared on Medved's show, "Big John and Cisco" wanted to hear Medved's take on the Ann Coulter controversy. These two couldn't be bothered to pull 15 minutes of Medved's show to figure out that he'd already spent hours talking about it! For the listeners who already heard Medved's take on the whole thing, it was tiring to listen to the whole thing again. I was thinking, "Why couldn't these two be bothered to tune into some of Medved's show - or have Medved's engineer send them a slice of the Coulter show?"

Another annoyance about "Big John" is his thinly veiled dislike for the Police.

When Chicago police officers raided a false identity ring, run by Latin King gang-members, in the Little Village neighborhood last year, "Big John" Howell said, "Why couldn'nt the police NOT come in such large numbers and wearing their big, black riot gear - it was all intimidating."

He's made a number of ridiculous and uneducated comments on the air - enough of them that I've sent emails to Dave Santrella, WIND's General Manager, complaining about the show's bias and its lackluster content.

All they do is read newspaper items and then comment about them - it doesn't take much "talent" to do that. I'd rather see BIll Bennett brought back for the 5am to 9am slot, with Laura Ingraham returning to take the reins at 9am to noon.

So for now I've gone over to 890AM - they've got Don & Roma (pro-Police) in the morning, Rush Limbaugh at 11am and Mark Levin at night.

I've had enough of WIND's morning boredom show and their idiotic comedian commentary.

If you feel the same way as I do, you can email Dave Santrella at dave.sentrella@560wind.com


Coldtype said...

“Michael Savage's show is raw, brutal and enlightening”


“He strips away most of the political correctness that encapsulates our political dialogue and drills down to the details in the news that the MSM ignores”

Right, like the Jewish Problem.

“Laura Ingraham, on the other hand, is erudite and highly informed”

Yes, particularly when the subject involves tampering with voter registration.

leftisthebest said...

WIND promotes the agenda of the right like WCPT (Air America Chicago) promotes the left. Both stations have similar radio numbers, near the very bottom of all Chicago stations. WCPT has an excuse though, it is a low powered station. What's WIND's excuse?

You're right about Cisco Cotto though. He's a blooming idiot and was just a traffic reporter for Jay Marvin on WLS until WLS fired Marvin two years ago. Cotto took over because he worked cheap.

I figured you for a WLS guy. The high powered, right wing station refuses to allow any liberal on the air. I have not listened since they fired Marvin (a great friend of the police).

Rue St. Michel said...

Hey this is something: a quasi-simultaneous visit by the Dynamic Duo! If you boys keep this up your mentrual cycles will start to sync up :-)

We'll take this in order of appearance:
~First Coldie:
That is one of the things I can't stand about The Left. You guys are constantly censoring people in order to perpetuate your social engineering schemes. We have got to get beyond the name calling - even though that is kinda fun. So Savage made a comment about Jerry Springer's 'hook nose' - So what? Savage was making a point that was well taken, ie. that Springer is a circus master who panders to the lowest of the low in our society. It's theatre of the absurd, with no point - like a grotesque Harold Pinter piece (but infinitely more interesting!)

And don't go pointing the finger at Ingraham because she asked her audience to call into a DNC phone bank. The Dems wrote the book on Dirty Tricks (JFK.. et al.) and that doesn't even make the list! It was a non-event.

Second, Lefty:
~Hi Lefty. Thanks for the visit. I've only been listening to talk radio for a couple years. Rush is fun to listen to but I can't tune into his show everyday. Some of it just doesn't interest me.
Yes I used to listen to Jay Marvin and he's missed on the airwaves. I didn't agree with some of his stances but he was a "law & order" guy and was definitely pro-Police.
And don't begrudge WLS for not hiring a lib. Liberals are working all over the place and are getting their messages out crystal clear. They're working at the NYTimes, LATImes, and at all the major networks. Don't worry - your propaganda is going out to the unwashed masses 24/7, brother.

Coldtype said...

"Liberals are working all over the place and are getting their messages out crystal clear. They're working at the NYTimes, LATImes, and at all the major networks. Don't worry - your propaganda is going out to the unwashed masses 24/7, brother"

I’m always amused when reactionaries point to outfits like the New York Times, with voice-activated tape recorders masquerading as journalists like Michael Gordon on staff, as bastions of liberalism. Don’t make laugh Rue.

Tell me something, wasn’t former [now fired] NYTimes “reporter” Judith Miller the one who swallowed in huge, heaping gulps the Team Bush bullshit WMD/Saddam/Al Qaeda connection used to sell the US assault on Iraq to the American public? Was it not the New York Times that sat for a FULL FUCKING YEAR before the 2004 presidential elections on the explosive news that the Bush administration had authorized the illegal wiretapping of American citizens in violation of FISA—an impeachable felony?

Rue? Do you know how many mainstream media outlets editorialize for Bush’s impeachment? Answer: zero.

I’ll conclude this with a study compiled by Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) on the performance of the MSM and influential pundits during the lead-up to our mass-murderous, nakedly petro-imperalist, war of aggression in Iraq. Without further ado and courtesy of FAIR, behold the “liberal” media’s finest hour .

leftisthebest said...

Talk radio across the nation is mostly conservative in nature and as much as they say are for all viewpoints to be heard they lock liberals out.

WLS should have at least one liberal on board if only to keep things interesting. The same goes for WIND. Don't you think there should be more locally bases programs instead of national stuff?

BurbCopsChicago said...

Gotta say - we love listening to Mark Levin work himself into an uncontrollable frenzy...makes the last part of the shift enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

J & C is strictly amateur hour.. They never should have taken Bill Bennett off. I just turn off the radio and stream Bill Bennett free via KRLA at http://krla870.townhall.com/