27 November 2007

Unit 731

Last year a wizened old man with white hair stood at the district desk getting a report from a young officer. I started a conversation with the man and it turned out he'd served in the Navy during WWII. I asked him if he'd seen action and he said, "Hell yes. Fought on Iwo Jima, and saw what those japs did to our boys. They were animals. I still hate them for what they did." I thanked him for his service and wondered if the old guy was just spooked against the Japs by all the WWII propaganda.

I could see that 60 years later he was still overwhelmed with emotion about the whole thing. Bitterness riled him.

Not until I did some digging on the Sino-Japanese war and Japan's treatment of prisoners did I realize that Japan's Imperialist impulse propelled a long history of blood-letting, torture and conquest.

Japan's Unit 731 was a natural off-shoot of that side of the Japanese. Its been getting alot of press lately, and ror good reason - it is Japan's homegrown version of Auschwitz.

Unit 731 was a Japanese military unit put together in order to test their vilest forms of cruelty.

They did a multitude of experiments on prisoners. For example, they staked prisoners out in a yard and detonated explosives near them. Those that survived were brought in and operated on without anasthesia. They weren't operated on in order to save their lives, they were operated on in order to determine the extent of their injuries.

Some of the more atrocious inhumanities include:

• Dissected live humans without anesthesia

• Poisoned food and water to spread disease

• Used female prisoners for studies on syphilis

• Injected animal blood into the human body for vivo physiological effects
• Hung prisoners upside-down until death to test for pressure resistance

• Exposed humans to extremely high and low pressures

• Exposed humans to extreme cold

• Surgically removed live human stomachs and reattached the esophagus and intestines

• Amputated and reattached human arms to the opposite side

• Committed biochemical warfare in labs and battlefields over 2,700 times, causing countless deaths, and intentionally flouted the Treaty of Geneva
• Laced food with poison for the civilians to consume
• Dropped bacteria-infected fleas on civilians
• Contaminated water and food with germs of severe intestinal diseases, such as typhus, paratyphoid, cholera, dysentery, and bacillus
• Used poisonous gases numerous times to suppress resistance

Check out the whole article. It's fascinating stuff.



Good point RUE, how history buried
this. But the JAPs wern't killing
the "chosen ones",so it's non-news.
If u havn't seen it, watch the GREAT RAID, a flic that shows some of what they did to our guys.
By the way, how many Iraqis were actually killed,maimed,even scraped
in the Abu Gurade mess?I sure some feelings were hurt;but boy, did the whore media run w/that one,all to derail G.W.
Naw,we dont control the media,so u wont hear too much of what the Imperialists did in the East.And yea, Hitler was jagoff,but the liberals/left have let things slip
so far out of line that its going to take one to straighten things out.I just hope I get to keep a few of my guns!!!

Anonymous said...

Until the day he died, my old man hated the "Japs" as he referred to them. For just the reasons you highlighted. He said he had never seen a crueler people than they were during WW2.

Anonymous said...

Nice article Mikey!

The Sino-Japanese War is great history! There was a film a few years ago, I forget the name, on the subject that was great.

Keep up the good work!

Workers of the World Unite!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Only the Nazis could do these things. Remember the War crime trials after the war, The Japs killed Asian garbage people and no one cared. So it wasn't a crime! Remember, the Jew is very shrewd and money grubbing, so he is needed by the liberal type of people.

Anonymous said...

Juden? Nein! Kaput!

Coldtype said...

"Japan's Imperialist impulse propelled a long history of blood-letting, torture and conquest"

Only Japan's Rue?

Rue St. Michel said...

Yes ColdType - in this thread we're only discussing Japan's bloody history.

Stay focused.

Coldtype said...

Facinating. When will you get around to the crimes that actually matter Rue, the crimes of your own nation?

Why the laser-like focus on the crimes of Offical Enemies like Imperial Japan but nary a word about the 200,000 natives the US Marine Corp slaughtered in subjegating the Phillippines? Or the tens of thousands we slaughtered in Haiti during our brutal and utterly savage occupation from 1916 to 1934?

Just out of curiosity Rue, how did it come about that US forces were in position to get routed by Japanese forces in the Phillippines in the first place? What legitimized our presence there?

For that matter, how did Europeans become the mandarins of Asia? The British in India, much of China, and Burma. The French in Indochina. The US in the Phillippines. The Dutch in Indonesia. How much Asian blood was spilled in these conquest?

Yeah, the Japanese did some horrible things but that's what Empire is all about Rue. The battle in the Pacific was one of robbers battling over the spoils. There were no Good Guys (save for the victims).

Coldtype said...
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