09 November 2007

Crossings Down - Immigrant Intifada UP!

More Agents at the border, continuing fence construction and expanded prosecution of border-crossers is having the desired effect on illegal immigration - the LATimes is reporting that crossings are down 20%.

See? All you have to do is enforce the laws that are already on the books and, voila! - it works!

Now that less illegals are coming from Mexico, the illegals and their supporters who are already here, are planning an intifada type revolt against US citizens. Andres Oppenheimer, writing for the Miami Herald, warns that the "13 million" who are here (double that, please) may follow the examples set by "disenfranchised" Muslim youth in France and begin rioting.

Oppenheimer's article (a must-read if you want to get pissed off at yet another LibTard who wants to erase our National Sovereignty) takes an open-borders slant and reams the GOP for not supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform (ie. No Illegal Left Behind).

Well too bloody bad for them. Let them riot and create havoc. It'll give law enforcement and ICE another tool to deport them. Maybe then the US population will WAKE UP and ship 'em back and lock down our southern border: for good!


rosco said...

Did you know the Chicago Public School System does NOT use the Iowa test anymore. It seems a certain group of people have trouble with the math portion of the test. And with the "No student left behind program" failure is not an option.

ChickenBombMadness said...

Thanks Schoessling ... now go make a chicken bomb!

rosco said...

Huh????? whats a chicken bomb?????