23 November 2007

Academy Class curse?

An astute reader pointed out to me that Academy Class 02-9C has had a high number of "unfortunate" incidents involving its officers.

First Chris Berlanga was involved in a fatal DUI crash in Indiana, then Misha Barnes failed a drug test and was fired. She was later arrested for misdemeanor theft. And poor Mark Zymantas was attempting to stop a gang-fight while he was off duty and was subsequently beaten into a coma by 5 Assyrian Kings.

And now we see that John Ardelean has been charged with a fatal DUI.

That's 4 officers out of 28 in that class. I know that its not as bad as back in the 80's when the city, in their infinite wisdom, decided to forego background screenings on police applicants and ENTIRE classes disappeared in a flurry of arrests, indictments and grand juries.

If you work with any of these guys or gals, let them know to be extra careful out there. There's a black cloud over the "C" class!


class of june/86 said...

That last class off the 81 test was suppose to be a bunch of winners.........

Anonymous said...

There were background checks done on the "infamous" class of 86. What happened is Personnel went to what was the reject pile and pulled out the best of the rejects. They had to do this because, for the most part, the classes were one-third each black, Hispanic and white.

That's why by early 1987 just about all the Hispanic women who passed the written test were already placed in the Academy. There were fewer of them who took the test so they were placed in faster to make the ratio.

Black males who scored lower on the written test were in the Academy with white and black males, who in some cases, scored 20 points higher. Many of the later fired black, male officers hired in 86 were found to be gangbangers.

Anonymous said...


Sabian said...

And, many of those 'rejects' in the 80's ended up working for Cook County Corrections and IDOC. Speaking of IL Dept of Corrections.....Anyone want to venture a guess why they don't have a blog of their own?.. Those idiots don't even know how to turn on a computer!

And what about the gang specialist curse?... Those old enough to recall. Those guys really flew fast and crashed hard.