16 October 2007

Warrant 'delays' Contribute to Soldiers' Deaths

Delays in obtaining a warrant to track the terrorists who kidnapped 3 US soldiers are being blamed for the deaths of those soldiers.

The soldiers, Specialist Alex Jimenez, Pfc. Byron Fouty and Pfc. Joseph Anzack Jr., were kidnapped in Iraq on May 12th of this year. Jimenez and Fouty are still missing. Anzack's body was found floating in the Euphrates River on May 23rd.

It is estimated that it took approximately 10 hours to get the warrant and that sufficiently delayed the rescue of the three.

It is nauseating to think that now, at a time of war - in a foreign country with our fighting men and women exposed to horrendous risks - that we have to pull in lawyers and go through the tedious motions of getting a warrant to save our soldiers' lives! It's an outrage, plain and simple.

If and when Hillary gets elected I'm sure she'll fix this. She'll fix it by pulling all our troops home, dismantling the FISA court and stocking the Supreme Court with 9 Ruth Bader-Ginsurg clones. Then we won't have any more problems with terrorists, right? Because we all know that Radical Muslims only starting their murderous rampages after Bush invaded Iraq.

That's the common belief amongst Democrats and it is flatly wrong.

But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of LibTard "emoting" - they don't want to be brought back into the world of history and logic. They'd rather live in their own fractured Utopia.


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Keep our forces and money home. Spend our tax dollars here first. Screw the rest of the world.