05 October 2007

NRA is right after all?

A liberal academic wrote an op-ed for USA Today in which he finally grasps the importance of the Second Amendment.

Jonathan Turley, the author, admits that the framer's intent at inserting this Amendment into the Constitution was to create "a right" to gun ownership.

Would someone please read this article to Mayor Daley? Maybe one of his armed body guards can do it.


Anonymous said...

How about a zero tolerance on alcohol and guns. Most trouble is caused by the gunman being drunk. Make it illegal to be drunk while armed.

Rue St. Michel said...

A better way to lower gun violence would be to actually CONVICT and INCARCERATE people who are found in possession of illegal firearms.

There was a case in branch 50 last month where a guy was arrested for possession of multiple illegal handguns, an AK47, two bullet proof vests and a couple of police scanners. He told the A/O's that "I go to gun shows to buy guns and then sell them on the street."

Our beloved States Attorney's Office down graded this case from Felony to Misdemeanor and now the offender is back on the street and looking at a fine and maybe - maybe - a couple weeks in jail.

THAT is what is going on out there and why so many guns make it in to the hands of the Bad Guys. Our courts are where the disconnect is.

True dat!

Anonymous said...

Melt those guns into sewer caps. Sigmund Freuds says; "Men with small penis, play with guns"